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4 Slick Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Ice Melt

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Keeping employees, guests, driveways, parking, machinery safe is a priority during icy weather. Have you chosen your ice melt yet? If yes, are you aware of the best practices that you must follow to make the most of your ice melt? 

In this article, we will discuss 

4 Slick Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Ice Melt 

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1- Choose the right product

The best ice melt product for you depends on a variety of factors, including expected temperatures, surface materials, and the need to protect any vegetation.

Rock salt (sodium chloride) is by far the least expensive option. But it contains chloride like most of the chemical-based wholesale ice melt distributors. The fact is chloride causes corrosion and damages your concrete and machinery. 

2- Plan ahead

You might already be knowing which areas are often icy. You can pre-treat that surface with ice melt. Pretreating is a process of applying the ice melt before the storm hits. 

Pretreating makes the bottom layer turn into brine. Unlike the hard and tight ice layer, this is a semi-liquid layer of loosely held brine molecules. After the snowfall, whether you’re cleaning the snow manually or using ice-melt, it takes less effort and time if you have pre-treated surfaces.

Unlike other wholesale ice melt distributors, Safe Thaw is one such product that leaves an invisible “shield” after the ice and snow have melted. It prevents ice from sticking to surfaces for up to 3 days. This “Teflon effect” makes shoveling easier.

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3- Use as prescribed 

One of the most common questions business owners ask while salting their premises is how much to use. The answer depends on factors like which ice melt you are applying and on what. However, a general rule is not to use too much ice melt, especially if your ice melt contains chloride.

Overuse of rock salt or chemical ice melt can be harmful to delicate machinery, building materials, concrete, vegetation, pets, and kids. 

However, an overdose of non-toxic ice melt like SafeThaw will not be harmful. SafeThaw is required in much fewer quantities as compared to others due to its excellent spread rate.

Another way is to use spreaders and guards and prevent ice melt from being applied to the areas that can be damaged.

4- Store properly

Ice melt can easily absorb moisture and get sticky. Therefore, they should be stored in the dark, away from sunlight, air, and moisture. However, Safe Thaw has a concentrated formula that assures long-term, maximum effectiveness from season to season. It does not react with the outside air and moisture, so you need not worry about storing the open bags.

Ice melt compounds that contain chlorine are hygroscopic by nature. They tend to absorb moisture from the air and degrade. So if your ice melt is chemical-based, store the open bags in air-tight containers. 

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