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Winnipeg, Never Use This On Your Concrete Ever!


The Farmer’s Almanac has predicted that in Winnipeg, the Precipitation & snowfall will be above normal, with the snowiest periods in late December & mid-February & from late February into early March. April & May will be warmer & drier than normal. Rainfall will be below normal in the east & above normal in the west.

In winter, we use de-icing products to combat ice on sidewalks, steps, & driveways. One common thing with all of these is their damage effects. They all damage your concrete.

ice melt safe for concrete

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss one common component that all ice melt & rock salt have in their blend. You should never use these ice melter for new concrete. If you’re a caring homeowner who is determined to keep his driveway patch-free & stain-free, then maybe you already know this. It is the chloride present in rock salt & almost all ice melt that damages your concrete. 

Salt, by its nature, is acidic. Conversely, concrete is very alkaline. When the salt melts the snow, it seeps into the pores, and the chlorine starts to lower the pH of concrete. This process makes the concrete brittle and results in the development of flakes and scales.

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Here Are 4 Common Chlorine Compounds Present In Ice Melt And Rock Salt And Their Damaging Effects.

Sodium Chloride Or Salt –

How can we not talk about rock salt while discussing ice melt solutions? Rock salt seems to be the most popular choice in the town for two reasons. It is the least expensive material and easily available. It is effective to approximately 12 degrees but can damage soil, plants, and metals. If you’re thinking of using it as an ice melter for concrete, you must know that it can corrode it.

Calcium Chloride –

Calcium chloride is another ice melt used traditionally. This product is effective to about minus 25 degrees. Not just it makes the surface slippery, it’s not safe to use around pets. If ingested, calcium chloride can lead to burns in the mouth and throat, excess thirst, vomiting, stomach pain, low blood pressure, and other possible severe health effects. 

Potassium Chloride –

Even though potassium chloride (KCl) is available as a dietary supplement, it doesn’t make the ice melt containing KCl safe. It’s because it is not regulated for human consumption and therefore contains impurities that make it poisonous. Moreover, it can cause serious injury when washed or splashed on foliage.

Calcium Magnesium Acetate –

Calcium magnesium acetate or CMA is made from dolomitic limestone and acetic acid. CMA does not form brine like salts and works by preventing snow particles from sticking to each other on the surface. However, it becomes less effective as temperatures dip to less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s slightly less corrosive but 30 times costlier than rock salt.

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Here’s What You Should Use On Concrete:

However, there are non-chloride ice melt also available in the market. These ice melt are non-toxic, pet-friendly, and non-corrosive. These are ideal ice melter for the concrete as they act as pre-treatment also. Few ice melt can prevent ice from sticking to surfaces for up to three days, making it easy to clear the snow later.

A good ice melt for a driveway can extend its lifespan. So, look for an ice melt that will keep melted ice in a liquid state for a longer duration. It means that ice melt will not refreeze as easily or as often, thus preventing the freeze-thaw cycle.

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