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Top Tips For Walking The Dog In The Winter

non salt ice melt

Winter, with its low temperatures and inclement weather, can put your dogs in danger while they are outside. Most dogs, though, will still require daily walks. When taking your dog out in the snow, it’s critical to take the necessary steps to keep both you and your dog safe and healthy. You should exercise caution when taking your dog outside in the bitter weather.

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  • Prepare Ahead Of Time

It’s critical to plan ahead of time while walking in the winter. Before you leave, check the weather and windchill. It is frequently cooler outside than you anticipated. If the weather is uncertain, consider a busy path with a few walk-length options rather than a long route with only one way back.

  • Keep The Hair On Your Dog’s Toes Trimmed

Keep the hair between your dog’s toes short for a more comfortable winter walk. Ice can build upon this hair, causing your dog to become temporarily lame or make walking difficult or unpleasant. Cover your dog’s paws with boots to protect him from a variety of winter threats. There are thin rubber boots that can be easily slipped on the paw and still allow full movement for dogs who don’t require extra paw insulation.

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  • Put On Your Boots

Boots are a need for many dogs in the winter, and they can be useful for all dogs. The best approach to ensure your dog’s winter walks are safe is to protect them from severe weather factors like snow and ice, which can dry out paws and make them chill faster. It is recommended to use non-salt ice melt.

  • Use Traction That Is Pet-Friendly

In addition to salt, most chemical ice-melts are toxic to dogs. Select a pet-friendly, non-salt ice melt and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Many people ask- will fertilizer melt ice. The majority of chemical ice melts are also harmful to children and lawns, so it’s not just your pet who will benefit. Safe Paw Ice Melter is salt-free and guaranteed to be safe for pets and children. It is a proprietary dual-effect substance with a crystalline amide core and unique glycols. Not only is it non-toxic but non-corrosive also. A deicing liquid is ejected from the Safe Paw crystal, speeding up the melting process.

  • Moisturize

To keep your pet’s paws from drying out, apply a pet-safe skin conditioner or paw wax after cleaning them. Dog Paws can get rough, cracked, and even split in the dry winter air. Because your dog will most likely lick her paws, make sure the moisturizer you choose is non-toxic and safe for dogs.

  • Wipe Paws

After a winter walk, always wipe your dog’s paws. For convenience, use a pre-moistened pet wipe. You can also use a warm damp washcloth and a towel to dry. Before your dog licks his paws, wash them to remove salt or ice melt chemicals.

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Final Thoughts

Walking with your pet in the cold with precautions is necessary. In the winter, stay healthy and happy by walking your dog every day.

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