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This Is The Safest Ice Melt To Use On Concrete Driveways

what type of salt is used on roads?

Every winter poses a new challenge, and with changing weather conditions, the intensity and frequency of snowfall have changed everywhere. There are regions where snowfall has declined and others where the intensity has gone up. And all this in the last two decades! 

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While we figure out the best ice melt to use on different surfaces, let us also understand if rock salt is poisonous to humans. 

Rock salt or sodium chloride is one of the most commonly used ice melt products across the United States. Since it is cheaper than other ice melt products, there is a lot of demand for rock salt. However, it is not safe for the environment or humans either. It is the crudest form of salt, and excessive salt leaves a whitish residue on concrete and damages it. In addition, the diluted salt gets absorbed into the soil, causing plants to wilt as they cannot absorb the necessary minerals from the earth. 

When it comes in contact with human skin, it causes minor irritation, redness, and a minor rash. However, in its wet state, rock salt can also cause a minor salt burn that is potentially dangerous and painful. 

So, in short, rock salt is not safe for humans. 

What Type Of Salt Is Used On Roads? 

The most common ingredient used to deice roads is rock salt or sodium chloride (NaCl). It comprises much larger granules and is easily spread on the surface without much effort. Salt does not melt ice but alters the state of water, converting it to brine. 

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Other Salts Used On Roads Or Driveways Are- 

  • Calcium chloride is less harmful than rock salt and does not damage concrete. It can work up to -25⁰F and works quicker than sodium chloride. However, overapplication can damage the surface and the foliage around. 
  • Magnesium chloride– A great choice to deice roads, magnesium chloride is less damaging but works on temperatures down to 0⁰F only. It is eco-friendly but not as effective on a large scale. 
  • Carbonyl diamideSafe Paw comprises a dual-patented compound with a natural blend of carbonyl diamide, special glycols, and inhibitors. These are not only all safe for your environment but also protect your foliage. Carbonyl diamide also doubles as a fertilizer, thus making it highly safe to use. 

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There will always be a debate about the best ice melt in the market, whether to choose rock salt for roads or something else, whether it will damage concrete in the long run or not, and much more. All we can say is, don’t overuse any salt on roads as the repairs will cost you far more than the actual product. Safe Paw is the safest salt to use on concrete driveways and roads. It is not only safe for pets and kids; it is a great alternative to rock salt too. It will save you millions of dollars in repairs and boost plant growth. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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