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Snowfall And Ice Melt Problems This Winter In Pennsylvania

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The 2020 Winter Outlook released by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts that Pennsylvania has equal chances of a drier than average and a wetter than average winter. However, a portion of northwestern Pennsylvania has a 33 to 40 percent chance of a wetter than average winter.

So are we prepared for the problems which knock on our door with the start of snow season?

Let us put down the menace brought by snow and find out the ways to overcome them in advance.

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Some Of The Usual Snow And Ice Melt Problems We Will Be Facing This Winter Are:


Snow, rain, sleet, and ice can make travel treacherous. People with mobility challenges such as the elderly and disabled often find themselves confined to their homes. Low visibility and slushy accumulations of snowfall on roads slow down the commute.

Safeguarding your building:

When snow and ice accumulate, it can become heavy and cause building damage or water damage. Snow and ice can collapse roofs, especially on older buildings. Sometimes the worst snow damage occurs when the temperature rises. Snowmelt can leak through tiny cracks in your foundation, damaging your walls and flooding your basement. This problem can get worse over time, as repeated cycles of melting and refreezing add cracks to your foundation.

Protecting kids and pets:

It is a common fact that the kids and pets are the ones who enjoy the snow most, maybe because they have no worries about keeping driveways and walkways snow-free. But as adults, we have to be extra vigilant when they go out and play in the snow. We need to shield them from the harmful effects of chemical-based ice melt.

Irritation of skin and rash are some of the common side effects of harmful chemicals used in ice melt. Hence, we ought to be watchful while choosing an ice melt solution and should opt for the one which is kid and pet safe.

Removal of snow:

Snow removal is essential for our safety to avoid slips and falls. Moreover, easy access to driveways and walkways should be maintained at all times by keeping them snow-free. The most common snow removal method is shoveling. The name itself reminds some of us about our back pain as it requires time and physical ability. Using salt is another usual method to remove snow though it adversely affects concrete and the environment. Using ice melt that is safe for concrete can lower down the risk of corrosion. Extra care should be taken while choosing the best ice melt for new concrete as it is more prone to damage.

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So What To Do To Make Our Winter Hassle-Free And Fun-Filled?

Various snow removal options are available in the market; you can select the one that is less time-consuming, less strenuous, easy on the pocket, environment friendly, and safe for all. Thankfully, there is an ice melt that is non-poisonous and non-corrosive. Such ice melt is safe for concrete and doesn’t cause any damage to your driveway or walkway.

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