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Sidewalk Salt Alternatives: Keeping Walkways Safe without Harmful Salts


In winter, ice-covered walkways are a risk. Many of us have been using sidewalk salt for ages to handle this problem, but it’s not exactly good news for our environment or infrastructure. But don’t worry, there are safer options available that can tackle ice without hurting the planet. In this article, we’ll dig into these greener, simpler methods for keeping your sidewalks safe when the cold weather hits.

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The Issues With Sidewalk Salt

It’s true that sidewalk salt, or sodium chloride, is good at melting ice. But there’s a catch – it can spoil concrete, lead to rusting on metal, harm our plants, and pollute water when it gets washed away. These concerns make it necessary for us to explore other ways to deal with icy conditions, ways that are kinder to our environment.

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Looking At Safer Ways To Melt Ice

  • Safe Paw: It is a deicer that’s kind to both pets and our surroundings. Safe Paw is made of a modified crystalline amide center, interspersed with glycol admixture and also contains traction agents. The liquid component begins melting ice immediately while breaking surface tension. The crystal-core effectively penetrates and destabilizes ice, thus speeding up the melting process. Safe Paw can melt ice without damaging surfaces or plant life, plus it’s gentle on pets’ paws, making it a solid choice instead of sidewalk salt.

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  • Sand: Sand is harmless and widely available, making it a good choice to provide grip on icy surfaces. Although it doesn’t actually melt the ice, it gives traction, which reduces the chance of slips. Sand is also safe for pets and it doesn’t harm our surroundings. Just bear in mind, you may have to do a bit of cleanup once the ice has melted.

  • Beet Juice: Beet juice is a natural deicer, thanks to beet molasses it contains. When you spray it on icy surfaces, it makes the freezing point of water lower, preventing ice from forming. Beet juice is eco-friendly, can be broken down naturally, and is not harmful to pets or plants. However, it stains the surface it is used on and is hard to remove.

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  • Electric Heat Mats: Electric heat mats are a more lasting solution to prevent ice from forming on walkways. These mats are laid beneath the surface and generate heat to melt ice and snow. They do require professional installation, and may cause a hole in the pocket.

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Picking The Best Option For You

When choosing an alternative to sidewalk salt, consider things like how effective it is, if it’s pet-friendly, how it impacts the environment, the cost, and how easy it is to apply. Look at your specific needs and what’s most important to you to pick the right option.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

To Sum Up

Alternatives to sidewalk salt give us a safer, greener way to keep our walkways free from ice, without the drawbacks of traditional salts. Methods like Safe Paw, sand, beet juice, and electric heat mats can effectively deal with ice, cause less damage to surfaces, protect pets, and look after the environment. Try out these alternatives for a safer, greener winter season.

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