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Rock Salt Alternatives


According to recent surveys conducted in America, 65% of American households use rock salts and other salt products to melt ice and snow in winter seasons. But the issue is lots of people are unaware of the environmental and health dangers of this product.

These ice melters contain sodium chloride and potassium chloride. It can easily heat up to 170 degrees when it is exposed to low temperatures and water. These chlorides will pose dangers to the environment and to our pets. When rock salts is used to clear ice and snow on the concrete walkways, it will dissolve into the water slowly and spreads to a larger area. So when the temperatures fall and rise, it will create a freeze and thaw cycle. The problem is it increases freeze and thaw cycle and doubles the expansion rate in the freezing process. So when the freezing starts again, it expands, placing stress on the surface.

After some time, it will cause cracks because of this stress. The serious drawbacks of rock salts are temperature, contamination, oxidization and it’s environmental issues.

In addition, using raw salts poses serious issues to the pets and to especially for the dogs. These salts can seep into fur and paws of the dogs. These salts can burn the skin surface and cause skin ulcers to pets. When the cats and dogs, licks these salts, it may cause serious gastrointestinal issues to them. Alternatives to rock salt: There are many effective and safe alternatives for rock salts to handle snow and ice in the winter season.

The best rock salt alternative is Safe Paw: This product is guaranteed child safe and pet safe and it also 100% free of salt. Animal hospitals, veterinarians, and humane societies etc recommend this number 1 selling product for years. PTPA green product seal awarded it and it also included in 1000 Best Things for the earth and you by whole green catalog. This is a highly recommended alternative to rock salts.

Electric-Powered Snow Blowers: If the residence is completely covered with snow and ice during the winter seasons, these blowers will act as a small alternative to gas powered blowers and rock salts. These gas-powered blowers are known for its noise and air pollution.

Snowmelt mat: Investing in snowmelt mat is much better than replacing an old walkway or driveway. This mat is composed of electric wires, which heats the walkway and driveway from underneath. It may cost electricity bills, but it avoids the potential risks of rock salts.

Heated mats: Heated mats lay on the walkway’s surface and melt the ice and snow on the surface. This will be a better replacement for rock salts.

During winter seasons, the snows and ice on the surface can lead to accidents and injuries. Maintaining a hazard free and safe environment is very critical in this season. Removing snow and ice is a tougher task on this season. So before choosing something to clean the snow surface, consider your surroundings, environment, family, pets etc. and choose them wisely.

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