Rock Salt Alternatives

Rock salts often used as gritting salts can be useful in many unforeseen situations. 1 in 3 people will suffer a fall this winter. The use of Rock salts may be the deciding factor in whether someone is injured or not. They clear our roads of snow, ice, and frost preventing falls and keeping people safe. Rock salts accomplish their task very effectively but at what cost?
Rock salts may cause major contamination problems as the melted snow/ice, now containing salt may seep into the ground and contaminate any groundwater nearby. Without proper management, this contamination may be catastrophic.
Rock salts also cause corrosion and rusting in metals much faster than they would normally. Things such as manhole covers and water drainage systems may experience damage as a result of the use of Rock salts. This ware and tear could easily be avoided with Rock Salt alternatives being used instead.
Rock salts are also known to cause environmental issues as the contamination mentioned before not only affects groundwater but also causes the soil to become infertile and no longer fit for vegetation to grow and animals to live on/near the affected soil.
Damage to concrete is also a well-documented result of the use of rock salts. Freshly laid (less than a year old) concrete is especially vulnerable to the use of rock salts causing cracking and damage to the groundwork. This damage may be very costly to fix and can be avoided by using other rock salt alternatives to get the job done without any of these disadvantages.
Another reason to use rock salt alternatives may be the fact that rock salts are only effective up until around 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9.4 degrees Celcius). You may live in areas where the rock salt would be completely useless and alternatives may be the best route to go.
A rock salt alternative is the use of Electric-Powered snow blowers. Snow blowers are a great workaround to getting rid of snow however they do come with their own downfalls. One is that it is a very laborious task having to go out and blow away all the snow. Another disadvantage may be that they cannot deal with Ice. They do have many advantages such as having no effect on concrete, no environmental footprint and are a one-time cost investment.
Other rock salt alternatives are Potassium Chloride which is less damaging to the environment however much more expensive than rock salt and Calcium Chloride which is very damaging to the environment but will do the job even at temperatures of -24 degrees Fahrenheit (-31 degrees Celcius). If you need a more potent rock salt alternative you may consider the use of Potassium Acetate as it works all the way down to -76 degrees Fahrenheit (-60 degrees Celcius).
By far one of the best rock salt alternatives must be the Traction Magic Traction Agent. The Traction Agent is the best and safest alternative to rock salts. It does not damage property, is pet safe, and is also child safe. The company behind the Traction Agent has great roots dating back to 1980s and ensures that all of its products are safe to use.
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