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My Love-Hate Relationship Story With Ice Melt In Utah

Salt and Chlorine Free Safe Paw Ice Melt

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted drier and warmer conditions for the Southern part of the United States and cool and wetter conditions for the Pacific Northwest and upper midwest. Southern Utah is expected to have drier weather and below-normal precipitation.

The Farmer’s Almanac predicts that snowfall will be near normal, with the snowiest periods in early and late December, late January, and late February. Winter temperatures and precipitation will be slightly below normal, on average.

The velvet-white carpet of snow looks beautiful, but the aftermath of removing the snow and slush is what prevents me from enjoying the winter season.

I’ll tell you my story of a love-hate relationship with ice melt today. 

Pet And Concrete Safe Ice Melt

Safe Paw Pet Safe Ice Melter

Safe Paw

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Three Reasons That Made Me Hate Ice Melt

I had redone my pavement and steps and used a chemical-based ice melt that called itself pet safe. I thought an ice melter that is pet safe should also be safe on concrete. To my surprise, I found my pavement and steps covered in scales, pitted and peeling. It happened with ONE USE. The concrete on the steps was flaking on the riser and pitting on the treads.

It didn’t end here. The pallets didn’t melt and created a mess all over the place. They got stuck in the shoe grooves and got carried inside, on the rugs and carpets, spoiling everything. They left stains on carpets even after getting them washed with warm water.

It didn’t stop here also. It took things to another level to make me hate it, really.

The next day, my pet started vomiting after his morning walk. I was worried sick about it and was bewildered by this sudden bout of vomiting. It was this so-called ‘pet safe’ ice melt, which contained a noxious cocktail of chemicals. My pet licked and ate the snow treated by this hazardous ice melt. So, it wasn’t an ice melt that’s pet-safe. It was confirmed.

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A New Hope

I was sharing my experience on an online forum when people started recommending Safe Paw. I wasn’t ready, but they insisted and cleared all my apprehension. 

After gaining information from various reliable sources and lots of research, I reluctantly tried this product.

Finding New love

I realized that Safe Paw is completely free from salt and chlorine. Not only is it safe for pets, but it also comes in colorful round granules. Colored pellets or granules make it easier to identify them in white snow. 

Even if they get crushed, they’re still easy to clean up with our vacuum, and they do not stain the floor or rugs. Moreover, the granules do not cut and bleed their paws.

About concrete? It’s safe and beautiful as new now. Therefore, I found it to be the only ice melt that is pet safe and doesnot harm the concrete as well. 

Solution: I keep them warm and cozy. I do not take them out often during those continuous snowfall days. After a short walk, I carry him to provide some cozy warmth of my coat.

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