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My Love-Hate Relationship Story With Ice Melt In Ottawa


The first snowstorm of 2021 blanketed Ottawa with 10 centimeters of fresh snow.

It is forecasted that the coldest periods in Ottawa will be in mid-December & the first half of January, with snowiest periods in mid-to-late November, early & mid-to-late December, early to mid-January, & mid-February. 

Ice Melt Solution For Cras

A common way of getting rid of the snow is using an ice melt. 

Do you know what my relationship with ice melt is? – it’s complicated.

And here’s my story that led to a love-hate relationship with ice melt.

So it all started when I shifted from Victoria, a city that doesn’t get a lot of snow. And soon I  realized how painful is the task of removing snow and ice. 

Keeping the heating system on throughout the day was out of my budget. So I thought that shoveling would do. It didn’t take me long to understand that it wasn’t an option for me. So I thought of contracting it, to find that it’s not cheap and easy either.

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Here Are Some Of The Many Problems I Was Facing Due To The Heavy Snowfall-

1. Commutation –

The commutation gets impacted by slick roads, damaged transit lines, and endless mounds of snow. It was so difficult to take your car out for work. Not only difficult, but it’s also time-consuming too.

2. Protecting Your House/Building –

Snow, if left on the roof for long, can freeze the water storage tanks and pipes. When the water in pipes freeze, it creates pressure resulting in the bursting of pipes.

So if you have cracks or gaps in tiles and the snow melts, the water can creep in these cracks and cause dampness later. It can impact roof tiles such as slate, concrete, and even brickwork. 

3. Injuries –

In Ottawa, removing snow from sidewalks is essential for your mobility and the safety of others. The slimy sidewalks and driveways are a real headache since slips-and-falls not only cause injuries but also attract lawsuits that can be really costly no matter who wins. 

Therefore, I was looking for a good ice melt near me. Here’s when someone suggested using rock salt. 

To my disappointment, it didn’t work at all because the temperature was too low. So I tried some common ice melt from the market, and it was even worse-

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Not only was it causing me skin irritation it burnt the delicate paws of my pet. When I researched a bit on the internet, I found that rock salt and most ice melt contain chlorine in their blend that is harmful to pets. Apart from that, they are not the best ice melt for concrete also as they are corrosive.

That’s why I hated ice melt and believed that all ice melt are bad and have chemicals. My hate relationship soon turned into an unending love story when someone recommended THIS product that I easily found in my nearest Chewy store. I tried it, and I didn’t look back since then.

I was happy to find it wasn’t causing any skin or eye irritation. When I researched, I found that it does not have salt in its blend. Therefore this is not only safe for dogs but also the best ice melt for concrete. It uses a proprietary blend of ingredients that break down the structure of the ice to melt it. Therefore, I found it to be the safest option for my pet, property, and the environment as well. 

Now I recommend it to all my friends.

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