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How To Treat Concrete Damaged By An Ice Melt?

Ice Melt Safe For Pets And Grass

Every winter, thousands of tonnes of ice-melting materials are applied to sidewalks, roads, and steps, frequently without consideration for correct application processes or the composition of the deicing substance. Deicing products used carelessly can harm both the home and the environment. Hence, it becomes vital to use an ice melt safe for pets and grass while being gentle on concrete.

Overuse of some deicers can hasten the freeze-thaw cycles that degrade concrete, shortening the life of a sidewalk or driveway by years. Some deicers corrode metal, causing automobile and aluminum siding damage. Many types of ice melt contain chemicals that might harm plants and bushes near the deicer’s application site. 

Why Do We Need Ice Melt Safe For Pets And Grass?

Salt-based ice melting products have sodium chloride or potassium chloride. Both of these components heat up when exposed to ice and snow. As a result, it endangers dogs for various reasons. For example, it can burn their skin, irritate their eyes, and create gastritis, digestive problems, or kidney damage. 

Deicing salts contain chloride, the most poisonous ion that causes much of the direct plant tissue damage. In addition, plant roots have difficulty absorbing water when salt builds up in the soil. A safe, salt-free ice will not damage your plants, pets, and concrete as well.

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Types Of Ice Melts And Their Side-Effects

An ice melt works by decreasing the freezing point of water and preventing further ice formation. Unfortunately, most ice melters contain salt that can harm concrete. Furthermore, they might create stains and harm to the flooring. 

Ice melts are mainly composed of calcium, potassium, and magnesium chloride salts. The melt-off from these salts has the potential to compromise the structural integrity of a concrete surface. As a result, the concrete surface spalls or flakes. Furthermore, salts such as calcium chloride and potassium chloride can harm plant roots.

In essence, the ice melt absorbs moisture to produce a brine solution. This process generates heat, which dissolves the ice particles’ link with the concrete surface. As a result, a high-quality, safe ice melt will work in temperatures well below freezing and will protect your concrete surface from damage. 

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Treating Your Damaged Concrete

Dry mop the same areas with a flat microfiber mop to remove any remaining dry ice melt crystals. Mop using a dampened mop and a sufficiently diluted, neutral pH ice melt residue remover. If necessary, rinse the floor with clean water. 

To hide old concrete damage, you can pour new concrete on top. However, unresolved concerns with your old concrete, such as cracks or frost heaves, will carry over to your new concrete if not addressed. 

If you have dimples or shallow cracks in the exterior of your concrete, the best solution is to apply concrete repair. However, there may be some color variation. 

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