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How To Remove Snow From Garden In Spring?

Ice Melt For Garden

Springtime is probably the most awaited time after the freezing winters and the extreme cold. The overcoats, the snow, the slippery surfaces, and ice melt for garden and concrete, are several things we keep in mind during winters. However, as spring arrives, we start packing up everything and storing them away safely, including ice melt products. 

While most ice melts naturally as spring arrives, large patches remain around our home, on sidewalks, roads, and even gardens! Snow has quite a positive impact on our garden and vegetation as the melted ice provides the necessary water to all the plants and the garden. The maximum damage to all plants and gardens is caused by shoveling snow, snowblowers, and snowplows. It can cause damage to the roots or break the stem if pushed too hard. 

So, how can we safely remove snow from the gardens and shrubs? Do we have a safe ice melt for garden that will not damage the landscape? 

Use A Broom 

Use a garden broom in an upward motion, loosening the snow and falling on the ground. Be careful while sweeping it since it can cause damage to the branches of the trees or cause already brittle branches to break. 

Use A Paw Safe Salt 

Using an environment-friendly ice melt such as Safe Paw will help you reduce any chance of damage to your garden and landscape. Since it comprises natural ingredients, it does not harm the garden and keeps it safe even if the ice melts. In addition, it acts as a natural growth booster and fertilizer. 

Safe Paw Ice Melt Twinpack

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It is advisable to prune damaged and brittle branches, leaves, and stems to keep the other plants from drying or withering away. Pruning helps eliminate all extra leaves and branches and helps the plants regain their growth. Some plants should be pruned immediately, as any damage to the plant can cause the remaining plant to die. 

While we are talking about the ice melt products, let us understand Safe Paw ice melt ingredients that can help you during winters and early spring. 

Safe Paw is a uniquely balanced ice melt product with dual-effect compounds that are chloride-free, salt-free, and are 100% environment-friendly. Safe Paw comprises modified carbonyl diamide crystals, non-ionic surface accelerants, special glycols with a bluish-green tinge to the pellets. They do not leave any residue after application, thus making it a safer option. In addition, since it is non-corrosive, it does not damage any decking material or concrete. 

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While spring is a great way to see all the snow evaporate naturally, you must be careful with the amount of ice melt for garden you are using to remove the remaining bits of ice and snow. Do not overapply as the soil may not hold it well. All plants need well-balanced moisture and fertilizer content, and Safe Paw allows you to take care of your plants and snow simultaneously. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

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