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How To Prevent Slipping On Your Wooden Deck This Winter?

slippery wood decks

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Every winter, keeping your wood deck clear from snow is a challenge. We all love our backyards and our decks but the idea of using salts on deck worries us. But as fall comes around, a nip in the air tells you; you have to start prepping for winters soon. The decks will quickly begin to get stained with wintery snow, and you will have to keep track of the damage that might happen quickly. 

 So, how can we keep our wood decks free from the snow? First, let’s look at quick steps to use ice melter products and other alternatives to keep our wood decks in excellent condition. 

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  • Shovel 

You can easily remove the top layer of your wooden deck with a plastic shovel. Metal shovels if not used properly can damage the deck. Carefully remove the upper layer and then use an ice melt safe for wood decks, such as Safe Paw, to quickly break the icy layer and remove it with a soft scraper. Since it is safe for the foliage, it will not harm even harm your garden and landscape.

  • Pretreatment 

Pretreat your wood deck with an anti-slip coating of safe pet ice melter like Safe Paw, to ensure that the snow does not stick to the surface. It will prevent the water from seeping into the wood and will prevent it from expanding. The lifespan of the wood deck will also increase with the anti-slip coating.

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  • Tarp Sheet

Use a good-quality tarp sheet to cover the wood decks before a snowstorm. It will leave the snow on the top surface, making it easy to shovel and remove the tarp sheet to use the deck.

  • Safe Pet Ice Melter

Use good quality, eco-friendly and non-corrosive ice melt to apply on the wood deck. These substances are harmless to your wood deck and will prevent any erosion too. Safe Paw is one such non-corrosive and non-conductive ice melt that comprises natural ingredients for the decks. Safe Paw doesn’t damage your concrete and is also safe for pets and kids.

While there are many ways to remove snow from the wood deck, the above are tested in all seasons. Safe Paw tends to break down the icy layer and makes it easy to walk without slipping or falling. Its dual patented compound, along with crystals infused with glycols, makes it easy to apply and deice. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


We all want a winter without any slip and fall accidents, and with Safe Paw, you can prevent such incidents. It is not only a superb rock salt alternative, but it also serves as an excellent option to pretreat your wood decks. So now make your home kid-friendly and pet-friendly with Safe Paw at your disposal.


A. To reduce the slipperiness of your deck in winter, you can apply a wood deck non-slip coating or use anti-slip decking strips. Another option is to use a safe paw ice melter, specifically designed not to harm your deck or your pets.

A. Wood deck non-slip coatings are specially formulated paints or sealants that provide extra traction on the surface of the deck. These can include textured paints, clear plastic grits that you can apply over regular deck stain, or rubberized coatings.

A. Slippery wood decks can be addressed with various solutions such as using anti-slip decking strips, applying non-slip coatings, or anti-slip paint for decking. During the winter months, using safe ice melting products or considering a decking non-slip composite decking can also be beneficial.

A. Anti-slip decking strips are strips of material with a high-grip surface that can be attached to your decking. They provide an instant non-slip surface, making the deck safer to walk on, especially in wet or icy conditions.

A. Non-slip composite decking is a type of decking made from a composite of wood and plastic. It is designed to have a higher level of traction than traditional wood decking, making it less slippery, particularly in wet or icy conditions.

A. Yes, you can use ice melt on Trex or other composite decking. However, it’s essential to select a product that won’t damage the composite material. Always refer to the decking manufacturer’s instructions before applying any ice melt product.

A. Yes, it is safe to use specific types of ice melt on composite decking. These products are designed to melt ice and snow without damaging the deck. However, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before application.

A. Composite decking brands that have more grain or texture tend to be less slippery, as they provide more traction. Some brands, like Trex and TimberTech, offer specific lines of products designed with increased traction. When choosing composite decking, look for options that have a deep grain and a textured finish. Also, consider products that feature a cap layer, as this can provide extra resistance to slipping. As always, it’s recommended to check with the manufacturer or retailer to understand the slip-resistance of a particular product.

A. Composite decking is generally less slippery than traditional wooden decking. This is because most composite decking surfaces are designed to be textured and have a higher level of friction, especially when compared to smooth, untreated wood. However, like any outdoor surface, composite decking can still become slippery when wet or icy, so it’s important to consider anti-slip measures in such conditions.

A. To clean a slippery wood deck, first remove any debris like leaves or dirt. Next, prepare a solution of 1 cup bleach mixed with 1 gallon of water. Alternatively, you can use a deck cleaner solution available in home improvement stores. Use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the deck with the solution, working in small sections. This will help remove the algae, mold, or moss that’s causing the slipperiness. Rinely thoroughly with a garden hose or pressure washer on a low setting. Allow the deck to dry completely before applying any treatments or sealants. Always test a small area first and check your deck’s care instructions to ensure these cleaning methods are safe for your specific deck.

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