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How Salt Based Deicers Harm Pets And Children

Traction On Ice salt-based deicers

In the United States, the winter season has already arrived. And people have already started to prepare for the snow season. 

However, the majority of the people are still making the same mistake of using salt-based deicer.

How is that a mistake?

While salt-based deicers are some of the most common ice melts, they come with their own set of consequences. And the worst part is, it affects pets and children and can even cause severe problems. 

Didn’t understand? Let me explain in detail.

Your pets and children might not ingest an ice melt on purpose, but they can unknowingly do that. For example, your pets may walk around the area that’s been treated with salt-based ice melts and then lick their paws. Your children might think of ice melt as common salt and then taste it without understanding what it is. 

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To understand how salt-based ice melts are unsafe, you should know about the various kinds of salt-based ice melt.

Some of the most common salt-based deicers that we use for melting ice are-

Sodium Chloride:

The typical old salt is the most used deicer, and sodium chloride is also known as Halite. If the pets ingest sodium chloride, it can cause several health issues and be deadly for pets and even children. The problems start with mild ingestion and then lead to gastrointestinal upset. Moreover, it can also irritate the pet’s paws.

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Magnesium Chloride:

This is one of the most harmful products used for melting ice as it can harm pets, children, the environment, and even adults when it comes into direct contact. For instance, using it without taking precautions can irritate the eyes and skin, then cause a burning sensation in the palms and paws, etc. If used, an abundance of it can harm plants and be very dangerous for all kinds of pets.

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Calcium Chloride:

Calcium chloride can be found naturally and even can be man-made. It is a mighty ice melt as it can be used in even extremely low temperatures. It is generally used in a liquid state. While it’s more potent than calcium chloride and safer, it’s very costly and so isn’t very practical. Also, it too has some cons in terms of effects. It corrodes metals and can destroy carpets as well as tiles. Furthermore, it is very much harmful to children and pets.

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In order to protect your children and your pets, you need to make a thorough ice melters comparison and then choose the one which is not at all harmful. Safe Paw is one of the best ice melts out there as it is 100% safe for your children and pets. The best part is, it’s not expensive as well. 

To Conclude-

Traction on ice might seem like a big task and so using easy-to-use salt-based ice melts can be a choice. However, it has some significant drawbacks, so before you choose an ice melt for traction on ice, read this guide and proceed. 

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