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Dealing With Ice Melt Problems In Omaha

Safe Paw Natural And Eco Friendly Ice Melt

2020-21 has been dubbed as the “Winter of the Great Divide” due to the La Nina effect this year. A wide range of temperatures and precipitation levels are expected all around the country. According to the predictions of The Farmer’s Almanac, Nebraska comes under the “Cold, Above Normal Snowfall” region, which means it is expected to have below-normal temperature and a significant amount of snowfall beginning early in the season. However, Omaha and nearby regions are expected to have the coldest periods in mid-December, from late December into early January, and in late February. With snow all around, the first thing that we are worried about is choosing an ice melt that is safe for concrete and pets. The most common way of clearing snow is using rock salt.

Salt was first used to deice roads in the U.S. in New Hampshire in 1938. It proved to be cheap and effective. Since then, it became the most common way of clearing snow from roads and facilities. Salt is essentially sodium chloride and is not a safe option to choose. 

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Common Problems Caused By The Use Of Rock Salt And Ice Melt

Damages Concrete

While salt isn’t chemically reactive with concrete, it attracts moisture that can result in the development of cracks and flakes. And not just the concrete, it damages asphalt and bricks as well. The porous concrete absorbs water. The water exerts pressure on the top surface creating and widening holes and cracks. 

Apart from the frequent freeze-thaw cycles, the chloride component of the ice melt and salt also damage the concrete. It reacts with the concrete and asphalt and corrodes it.


Chlorine in salt and chemical-based ice melt is a toxic respiratory irritant and can damage pets’ skin, eyes, and membranes. Therefore, it is advisable not to use rock salt and ice melt around pets and kids.

Using Ice Melt That Is Not Safe For The Environment

A recent study says that 37 percent of the drainage area of the contiguous United States has experienced an increase in the salinity over the past 50 years.

If you care for your surroundings and are looking for an environmentally friendly ice melt, then rock salt is not the option for you. Chloride is toxic to aquatic life and can inhibit aquatic species’ growth and reproduction, impact food sources, and disrupt osmoregulation in amphibians. Some 40 percent of urban streams in the U.S. already have chloride levels that exceed the safe guidelines for aquatic life.

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The Best Solution To Melt The Ice

Luckily, there is a common solution to all the above problems. There are some ice melt that are salt-free and non-corrosive. One such product is Safe Paw. The modified crystalline amide core of the Safe Paw ice melt is infused with a special glycol admixture and traction agent. On contact with snow, the outer layer attacks immediately while the crystal core penetrates slowly to eliminate all snow and ice. Therefore, it’s an ice melt that is safe for concrete and pets. It also keeps your asphalt, bricks, roof, and garden safe from the snow and chemicals as well.

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