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A Comprehensive Checklist To Protect Your Home In Winter

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Winterizing your home isn’t fun when it’s already bitterly cold outside, so get your house ready for the season in the fall. A thorough inspection of your home is required for proper winterization, and the use of safe salt for the driveway is also necessary. Take care of these things before winter arrives so you can relax and enjoy the snow.

1. Prepare The Heating System

In the winter, the heating system is perhaps the essential component of a home. Within a few minutes, you should hear the furnace turn on, and warm air starts to blow. Return the thermostat to its original setting if the furnace is working adequately. You can diagnose the problem yourself or hire a professional if the furnace isn’t working adequately.

2. Make Sure There Are No Carbon Monoxide Leaks

With an inexpensive test badge or a battery-operated alarm, it can easily detect the silent killer. If you notice a problem, hire a professional to determine the source of the leak and fix it. It usually involves a leak in a furnace’s exhaust system or another fuel-burning appliance, such as a water heater. Also, ensure what ice melt is safe for concrete before using it.

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3. Examine The Exhaust Vents

Check that these vents are open and free of obstructions that could block the vent pipes and prevent the furnace from burning efficiently and venting exhaust gases properly.

4. Winterize Air Conditioning System

Clean the fan blades and condensing coils of debris and dirt with a hose with the spray head set to the highest pressure. Before covering the unit for the season, allow it to completely dry.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust

5. Window Air Conditioners Should be Waterproofed

Remove window air conditioners and store them for the winter if at all possible. These appliances are difficult to effectively seal against cold draughts if left in windows. Close the vents and get an air conditioning cover similar to a condensing unit cover if it cannot be removed.

  • Clear obstructions
  • Check the damper
  • Check the chimney draft
  • Have the chimney cleaned
  • Inspect the firebrick in the fireplace.

6. Winterize Water Pipes

In cold weather, water supply pipes are especially vulnerable to freezing. Burst pipes can result in some of the most costly home repairs. Exposed drain pipes can also freeze, so it’s a good idea to go over your plumbing system with a fine-tooth comb.

7. Examine Insulation

Major insulation upgrades should not be undertaken in the run-up to the winter season. However, there are some areas where you can be insulated. It can help prepare for the coming winter season.

8. Landscape And Outdoor Items Should Be Prepared

You’ll also want to get your yard ready before winter arrives. There is no safe salt for the driveway that is completely non-toxic. Follow standard lawn and garden winterization procedures, which include grass, flower beds, and other plantings. A salt-free product will have no negative impact on the environment. So “what ice melt is safe for concrete?”. The answer is  Safe Paw. It is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain salt.

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Even if you don’t have to deal with ice and snow, the changing seasons are a good reminder to stay on top of your home or apartment to-do list.

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