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7 Things To Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Snow Traction For Car Tires

No-starts, frozen doors, and windows, engine freeze-up, and accidents are real threats in winter. For those harsh winter months, you need to take some precautions to keep your car safe. 

Yes, it will take some time and effort but it’s worth it. Getting your car ready for winter can not only help you avoid a breakdown or accident, but it will also save you money on maintenance and gas. 

Many people think that they can easily get away with winter woes by simply spreading salt or a chemical-based ice melt. However, it’s far from an ideal solution. 

Here are a few areas where a little extra winter attention might be beneficial. 

1- Check Battery

Car batteries have a short life. If you haven’t changed your car battery in a while, it may be worn out, and the cold weather may make it uncooperative. You can also buy a battery tester for long term use.

2. Replace Fluids

Before the cold winter temperatures arrive, you need to check and change six fluids. Brake system fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, washer fluid, and suspension differential fluid are all examples of these fluids.

3. Clear Windscreen

Because winter weather is typically wet, it sucks all of the dirt and road salt from the road surface, so you’ll be running your windscreen wipers a lot. 

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4. Cover The Main Body:

It’s important to cover the main body of your vehicle. It is difficult to remove the snow from the top of your car. Moreover, it can cause damage to your vehicle.  A heated cover for your automobile is essential; it can completely cover the main body of your vehicle. It has a foldable structure and is portable, allowing it to be used anywhere.

5. Frozen Tires

Between the automobile and the floor, there should be a moisture barrier. If you park your car on damp terrain, the water may freeze into ice, resulting in frozen tires after a long period of exposure to cold and moisture. Use a chloride free and safe ice melt.

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6. Winter Car Accessories

Carrying an emergency kit with you at all times during the winter may seem excessive, but you’ll be pleased you did if you ever become stuck. The kit may include a cell phone, charger, hazard warning triangle, a high-visibility jacket, first-aid kit, shovel, a tow rope, and a salt-free ice melt. It is vital to use an ice melt that is non-corrosive and effective at all temperatures and surfaces. Safe paw ice melt is non-corrosive and will not damage your vehicle. It is an ice melt safe for new concrete, pets, and plants.

7. Winter Tires

Consider purchasing a set of winter tires if you drive in the winter regularly. When the temperature goes below seven degrees, they provide excellent traction, and while they are good in snow and ice, they also perform better in wet conditions than summer tires. They aren’t cheap, but the added security they provide is well worth the expense.

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Salt free ice melt helps you not only melt ice but will also provide traction to your vehicle. But do check the ingredients of your ice melt to ensure that it will not harm your vehicle or concrete.

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An effective and salt-free ice melt protects your car from corrosive salts and also from disastrous icy conditions. While using safe paw ice melt from Gaia Enterprises Inc, you can take a sigh of relief as it is a salt free ice melt and is non-corrosive and safe for people and pets.

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