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6 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Ice Melt in Brampton

Safe Paw - Ice & Snow Removal

In the last week of January 2021, Brampton has received massive snowfall ranging from 10-15 cm at various places. Heavy snowfall impacted the areas near the West end of Lake Ontario. An easterly flow over the warm waters on Lake Ontario boosts the snowfall amounts in this area. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has also forecasted above-normal snow in the region in early to mid-March.

Snow is beautiful, but it can be dangerous too. When the white, fluffy snow on your driveway turns into a treacherous layer of ice, it can lead to serious slip and fall accidents. 

In cold and cozy winter, shoveling is the last thing you would want to do. Isn’t it?

Ice Melt Safe For Concrete

Ice Melter Safe For Concrete

Safe Paw

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Here Are The 6 Compelling Reasons Why You Need An Ice Melt:

1. Shoveling Is Laborious:

Although the most common method to get rid of snow from the driveway is to shovel it away. But shoveling is tough on your back and takes a lot of time. Ice melt helps in melting the ice and keeping the surface non-slippery. 

2. Safety of Pedestrians: 

It’s your responsibility to provide safe access to your driveway during the snowy winters for your family and visitors. Ice melt can also be used in combination with natural traction agents like sand or kitty litter to increase the friction on the surface.

3. Fines By Authorities:

If you don’t keep your sidewalks free from snow, you might face some hefty fines from the authorities. To make the matter worse, if a pedestrian gets hurt due to your slippery sidewalk, you might have to pay damages also.

4. Economical:

Ice melt are economical compared to purchasing a snowblower or installing heating mats on the driveway. You just have to keep your ice melt supply in a dry place after spreading.

5. Can Be Applied Before The Snowstorm:

If you don’t want to go out in the snowstorm for shoveling or blowing away the snow, then you can apply the ice melt before the snowstorm, and it will do its job.

6. You Care For Your Property:

If you’re a homeowner who loves your house and want your driveways to stay safe and last long, you need a good ice melt for concrete.

Ice melt provides great relief but do you know that using salt-based ice melt for concrete damages its surface and reduces the life of the driveway. Salt traces left on the concrete surface causes stains and streaks. The real problem starts when it creeps into the porous concrete and breaks it with frequent freeze-thaw cycles. The new concrete driveways are more susceptible to these kinds of damages and are strictly advised against using salt-based ice melt. 

Need not worry because there are ice melt that are free from chemicals, acetate, and toxins. They are non-corrosive and do not cause any harm to concrete, flora, and fauna. You can conveniently use a no-salt ice melt on driveways, pavements, steps, and roof without worrying about the damages.

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