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Why Using Salt For Snow Removal Can Be Harmful To Your Pets And Environment


The winter season is magical, transforming landscapes into a winter wonderland. But with this beauty comes the task of snow removal to ensure safety on our streets, sidewalks, and driveways. 

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For ages, we’ve relied on salt for this task. However, it’s time to shed light on the harm it may pose to our precious pets and our environment. This article will dig deeper into why using salt for snow removal could be a problem, and we’ll also suggest some pet-friendly, eco-conscious alternatives.

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Decoding The Snow-Salt Relationship

Salt has always been a go-to resource for melting snow and ice because of its unique property to lower water’s freezing point. It’s readily available, affordable, and gets the job done pretty fast. But every coin has two sides, and so does using salt for snow. The same salt that effortlessly clears your driveways can unintentionally harm your pets and our precious ecosystems.

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Salt Vs. Pets: The Silent Battle

Taking your furry friends for a stroll in the snow? Beware of the salted surfaces! Dogs, in particular, may find their paw pads getting dry, cracking, or even causing discomfort and pain due to salt exposure. And it gets worse. If dogs lick their paws, they may ingest salt, leading to stomach issues and messing up their electrolyte balance.

But that’s not the end of it. The high sodium content in the salt can result in serious health complications like dehydration, kidney issues, or even salt poisoning. In case your pet starts vomiting, has diarrhea, appears excessively thirsty, or seems lethargic, they might have ingested too much salt. Make sure to get them to a vet immediately!

The Environmental Dilemma With Salt

Melting snow with salt is like a band-aid solution. Sure, it disappears the snow, but then what? The salt doesn’t vanish; it simply flows with the melted snow or rain into our water bodies and soil, creating havoc for aquatic life and plant ecosystems. The increase in salt concentration can harm water quality, disrupt the lives of aquatic beings, and inhibit plant growth. Plus, soil fertility takes a hit when salt accumulation occurs, affecting plant life and biodiversity in general.

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Help Your Pets And Planet Stay Safe During Snowfall

When snow starts falling, here are a few steps to keep your pets safe and limit environmental impact:

Choose gentler de-icers: Try using Safe Paw instead of salt. 

Clean your pet’s paws: Post walks on salted surfaces, give their paws a gentle wipe with a warm, damp cloth to remove any salt remnants. 

Shield their paw pads: Consider pet-safe booties or paw balms to offer extra protection for your pet’s paws. 

Establish salt-free zones: Dedicate specific areas around your home where no salt will be used to decrease pet exposure. 

Push for changes: Spread awareness about salt’s harmful impacts and encourage your community to adopt different snow removal methods.

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In Conclusion

Though salt may be an effective and accessible choice for snow removal, its impacts on our pets and the environment can’t be ignored. By choosing safer alternatives and taking measures to shield our pets and the environment, we can ensure a more responsible approach to snow removal. If you’re wondering- have any areas banned using salt for snow removal? Indeed, some areas have imposed restrictions or outright bans on using salt for snow removal to reduce environmental impact and safeguard water sources. Be sure to check local rules and seek alternative snow removal methods in such regions.

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