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What Do Wholesale Ice Melt Distributors Recommend Using On Your Premises?


Snowfall, chilly winds, and ice melt are part of every winter season for most commercial properties. As we strive to keep our property safe, we often depend on the advice of experts who are dealing with the issue day in and day out. Wholesale ice melt distributors are one of those people whom you can trust and take their recommendation for a safe ice melt that is pet friendly too.

wholesale ice melt distributors

What Wholesale Ice Melt Distributors DON’T Recommend?

Salt, also known as sodium chloride or rock salt, is one of the most commonly used products to deice commercial properties, business premises, parking lots, and roads. While it may be the most popular product, it’s certainly not the best choice.

A Few Drawbacks Of Salt- 

  • It leaves a whitish residue on the surface after drying up. 
  • If you’re looking for an ice melt pet friendly, it is not your solution. It’s harsh on your pet’s paws. It burns your pet’s paws, causing them much discomfort and trouble. If your pet accidentally ingests the salt, they are likely to suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, or even skin irritation. Hence it is not safe for your pets. 
  • If salt seeps into any crevices or corners, it will lead to moisture formation that, unfortunately, makes mold thrive. 
  • It gets stuck in your shoes and can be tracked all over the inside of your building. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Salt Free Ice Melt you can trust


What Wholesale Ice Melt Distributors DO Recommend?

  • Use concrete-safe ice melt that is pet friendly too

Wholesale ice melt distributors recommend using a concrete-safe ice melt, such as Safe Thaw. It  is 100% chloride and salt-free. It not only protects your surface from salt damage but increases the lifespan of your commercial property. 

  • Use a protective coating

Many commercial properties use an acrylic protective coating on their concrete surfaces to protect them from salt damage. It forms a thin layer on your concrete, post which you can use an eco-friendly industrial-strength ice melt, such as Safe Thaw, to reduce further damage from salt in case you use it. 

  • Use a water-repellent sealer

A silicone water repellent or a silane siloxane water repellent acts as a barrier between the ice and the concrete surface, thus steering the water away rather than forming ice. You may then apply a concrete-safe ice melt comprising modified carbonyl diamide crystals that will increase traction on the surface and keep your customers and employees safe. 

  • Routine cleaning

It is vital to clear the surface off of any salt residue as soon as possible. The longer the salt stays on the surface after applying, the more it will damage the concrete. As a result, it will not only increase your overhead costs but create a slight dent in your budget. 

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Salt Free Ice Melt you can trust



We advise all commercial properties to reduce the damage from salt or any other ice melt chlorides by employing the methods mentioned above. It is also safe to say that using an eco-friendly product such as Safe Thaw drastically reduces salt application, thus laying all your concrete damage doubts to rest.

Other Ice Melt Products

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