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What Are The Dangers Of Not Clearing Snow From Your Driveway?


Slippery conditions are created by snow and ice on walkways. Serious injuries are possible if you or a family member slips on the ice. You realize clearing your driveway is a hassle when there is a pile of snow. Give that impulse a second thought if you’re thinking about letting the snow pile up this year. If you don’t clear your driveway of snow, you risk endangering your vehicle, your home, and your family. Following a storm, swift snow removal avoids the freeze/thaw cycle from forming impenetrable ice on your walkways and driveway. You should also use salt-free ice melter for the concrete driveway. Everyone who comes and goes on your property will be safer as a result of this.

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Prevent Yourself From Hard Work

When a storm is expected to dump several inches of snow, it’s a good idea to go outdoors and shovel your driveway while it’s still snowing. After all, moving two inches of snow is considerably easier than six inches, even if it involves numerous shoveling trips. This suggestion will assist you in avoiding back discomfort.

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Roof Overload And Collapse

Snow load, or the weight of snow that a roof is rated to handle, is specified in buildings in cold areas. Roofs must be able to bear a particular amount of weight, based on the climate and amount of snow, generally seen in that area- according to local building rules. Deteriorated roofs may not support as much weight as they once did, and heavy snowfall may cause the roof to collapse. As the freeze/thaw cycle changes light snow into thicker ice, the weight of snow on a roof increases. You should not postpone the removal of snow. Use natural ice melter to avoid any damage. Acting quickly after a heavy storm could spare your roof from collapsing.

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Vehicle Hazards

When you don’t clear snow from your driveway, you end up parking in deeper snow every night, exposing the underbelly of your car to moisture for long periods, which can cause corrosion. One should always use a natural ice melter.

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Furthermore, the deicing agents used on the highways to make driving possible will contaminate the underbelly of your car and the snow in your driveway. These substances, such as salt, are corrosive and will speed the deterioration of your vehicle’s undercarriage.

It is advisable to use salt-free ice melter for the concrete driveway. Safe Paw is chloride-free. It is environmentally friendly ice melt. Also, it is a non-toxic, non-corrosive alternative to salt-based ice melt. It melts ice, decreases surface stress, and channels drainage.

Other Dangers

Your driveway might get damaged if you do not shovel. The meltwater from melting snow seeps into the cracks and crevices of your driveway. If the water freezes again in the cold, the ice grows and widens the fissures, inflicting damage. It’s tough to navigate through the snow in your driveway, and you could trip and fall on anything buried beneath it. The melting and refreezing snow might turn your driveway into ice, posing a slipping hazard.

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