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Ultimate Guide to Buying Ice Melt Wholesale Near You


With the onset of winter ice melt, snow removal equipment and salt have become a part of our routine. Due to the fear of slip and fall accidents every business owner is concerned about any such mishap on their commercial establishment. You should not only be concerned about your property’s safety, but that of your customers, employees, and any heavy machinery or equipment you may have on your business premises. While you may be searching ice melt wholesale near me, you have to pay heed to the repercussions that come along with heavy chloride-based products.

Before buying any commercial ice melt, let’s list out the top five things you must check. 

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1. Check Ingredients Before Ice Melt Wholesale Near You

You may already know that sodium chloride or halite, or rock salt is commonly used amongst business owners and commercial establishments. 

Apart from that, you have blends of different chlorides such as calcium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, or modified carbonyl diamide crystals. The combinations are endless. The composition of each element will help you determine how effective or not adequate it will be. Be wary while choosing an ice melt as it can affect your premises in the long run. 

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2. Determine The Cost 

Each product has a different price due to the difference in ingredients. You must consider the cost-benefit ratio while investing in any product. While you might be wondering how to melt ice faster, choose an ice melt wholesale near you that is free from chemicals and toxic ingredients. Even if it costs a bit more in the start, it will definitely cost you less in the long run by keeping your property safe.

3. Check Its Impact On The Environment

Excessive salt and chemical-based ice melt affect the moisture content in the soil. These products damage the vegetation or plant life, and extreme salt content in the waterways or groundwater leads to misbalancing aquatic life. 

4. Read The Instructions 

A common mistake people make while buying an ice melt is ignoring the instructions mentioned on the package. Check to see if clear instructions are written on the label or the back of the bag or box. The instructions will help you with the exact quantity, application process, and what to do in case of any emergency. Read the instructions carefully before use. 

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5. Residual Impact 

The chemical composition of every ice melt is different. The longer it stays on the surface or continues to provide de-icing action after application, the lesser the frequency of the applying the ice melt. Products with more prolonged residual activity are slightly more expensive but will save costs on the amount of ice melt utilized.


While you have countless options in the market to choose from, they may or may not be safe. Therefore, while buying ice melt wholesale near you, you must consider the points mentioned above. If you’re following all the points mentioned above before purchasing any commercial ice melt for our business use, you will definitely make the right decision.

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