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Top‌ ‌Winter‌ ‌Dog‌ ‌Safety‌ ‌Tips:‌ ‌Frequently‌ ‌Asked Questions ‌Part‌ ‌II‌

Safe Paw Ice Melter Dog Safe

Welcome to the second part of our winter dog safety guide. In this article, we’ll answer some more frequently asked questions related to winter dog safety.

Make sure to pay attention to these winter dog safety tips and have a great time with your pets.

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Ques #5: My Dog Enjoys Running Off-Leash In The Snow, Shall I Be Concerned?

Yes, it could end up being a problem. We have already covered the risks associated with letting your dog play in the snow. Whether your dog’s covered or not, you should never let your pet roam freely in the snow. 

This might come as a surprise but a large number of dogs get lost during winters. It gets dark pretty early in the winter season. Plus, snow can cause your dog to get disoriented. Moreover, cold can make it difficult to recognize familiar scents. 

You can invest in a collar that glows in the dark or use a collar with a tag and microchip.

Ques #6: Shall I Give More Water To My Dog In Winter?

This question arises because people often see dogs eat snow, which makes them wonder if their pet is not getting enough water. The truth is that dogs can get dehydrated in winters due to the use of heating systems that cause houses to get drier.

Just like humans, dogs are also composed of about 80% water, which is vital for performing regular functions like digestion, elimination, and circulation. So, make sure to wash your pet’s water bowl regularly and keep it full.

Ques #7: What If My Dog Wishes To Stay Outside?

Dogs love to play outside, especially when it’s snowing, and while spending a few minutes in the snow is of no concern, you should never allow your dogs to spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter season.

Do not make the mistake of chaining or tying your pet outside in the harsh weather; winters can cause your pet’s water bowl to freeze and might prevent her from enjoying life saving heat.

If you have no option but to keep the dog outside then take steps to provide your pet with a solid and warm shelter that provides a layer of security from wind, cold, and moisture.

Use heated bowls and ensure your dog has access to unfrozen water and food. Moreover, provide your pet with thick and dry bedding and change it frequently. You can also use dog safe ice melt to prevent snow from surrounding your pet’s shelter.

Ques #8: Which Dog Safe Ice Melt Shall I Use?

If you search the internet for dog safe ice melt, you will come across a number of products that claim to be safe for dogs but they’re not made equal. 

The key lies in avoiding products that contain salts as they are bad for dogs. Such products can result in allergic reactions, digestive issues, and other health problems.

Look at Safe Paw ice melt; our product contains no salt and is one of the best dog safe ice melt.

Still got questions? Check part three of our winter dog safety guide.

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