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Spring Snowfall: Weak Storm System Causes Snow Flurries In The Sierra

Ice Melt In Spring

As winter melts into spring, homeowners must take care to transition their outdoor spaces accordingly. Whether you’re dealing with slippery driveways, lingering snow, or concerns about using ice melt in spring, Safe Paw is here to help. Here are some tips for maintaining safe outdoor spaces in the changing seasons, using Safe Paw ice melt products.

TRUCKEE — It may not be an atmospheric river, but a weather front rolling through Northern California whipped up snow flurries across the Sierra Tuesday, adding to already impressive season totals.

The latest statewide snowpack measurement from the California Department of Water Resources taken from 130 snow sensors placed throughout the Sierra Nevada shows the snowpack’s snow-water equivalent is 61.1 inches, or 237 percent of average for April 1.

The snow-water equivalent measures the amount of water held within the snowpack.

“This year’s result will go down as one of the largest snowpack years on record in California,” said Sean de Guzman, manager of DWR’s Snow Surveys and Water Supply Forecasting Unit.

Source: CBS NEWS

How to Make Your Driveway Less Slippery This Winter

During the winter months, icy driveways can pose a serious risk to homeowners and their guests. Safe Paw ice melt products are specifically designed to address this problem, providing an effective solution that is safe for both pets and the environment.

If you don’t want to use any salt or ice melt on the driveway, then you can use a snow-melting mat. Simply place a large size mat on your driveway,  plug it in, and it will start melting the snow. The mat contains a heating element that is placed between two layers of durable non-slip rubber.

Snow melting mats reduce your snow-removal efforts significantly, but they are expensive and are heavy on your electricity bill too. Moreover, the mats have a limited useful life, like any other equipment that is subject to regular wear and tear. 

How to Remove Snow from Garden in Spring

As winter gives way to spring, homeowners must be mindful of how they remove snow from their gardens. Safe Paw ice melt is ideal for this task, providing a safe and effective way to melt snow without harming plants or other vegetation.

Using Ice Melt in Spring: 3 Things to Consider

While ice melt products are a great solution for winter ice and snow, homeowners should be aware of the potential risks associated with using them in the spring. ice melt products are designed to be safe for pets and the environment, but there are still some important factors to consider when using them in the spring.

1. Concrete Safe Ice Melter

Use a concrete-safe ice melter to keep your driveways and stairs clear of snow residue. During winter, concrete is prone to damage from the constant freeze/thaw cycle. However, as spring arrives and the ice begins to melt, there is a high possibility of slight residue around the homes or on the driveway. You can apply ice melt to remove this excess ice build-up and clear it off completely.

2. Excess Salt

The quickest way everyone resorts to melting ice in spring is using rock salt. Rock salt is one of the biggest causes of concern for any plant life and landscape. The sodium spreads over the soil and absorbs it when it dissolves in water. The excessive salt content harms the plants as it does not allow natural light and nutrients to get immersed in the ground, making it difficult for plants to thrive. Use safe paws ice melter to avoid this situation and not use rock salt.

3. Blends

Any blend contains a mix of sodium chloride or calcium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, etc. While these may help melt the remaining ice in spring quickly, it is not the only solution. They are not exclusive concrete-safe ice melt products and can cause more harm than good. A few chlorides, such as calcium chloride, have limited plant life but damaged concrete surfaces.

As winter turns to spring, it’s important to take care of your outdoor spaces using safe and effective solutions. Safe Paw ice melt products offer a perfect solution for homeowners, providing a safe and effective way to maintain outdoor spaces while keeping pets and the environment in mind.

How To Store Deicers Properly?

Now that you know that deicers don’t come with an expiration date, you should know how to store them for the next year properly. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while storing deicers-

  • They should be tightly sealed and protected from moisture and direct sunlight. 
  • They should be kept in a climate-controlled area. 
  • If you plan to store in mass, try to store outside your house. 


By understanding the shelf life of ice melt products and how to safely use and store them, homeowners can ensure that their outdoor spaces remain safe and functional throughout the winter season. Safe Paw ice melt products offer a safe and effective solution for winter weather needs, with natural ingredients that are safe for pets and the environment.