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Snowstorm Expected In Michigan, Residents Prepare For Potential Power Outages

How To Melt Ice On Sidewalk

SOUTH LYON, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – With more snow on the way Friday, Michiganders are once again worried about power outages. Thousands lost power in last week’s storm, and hundreds of thousands lost power the week before that in the ice storm. Some lost power for multiple days. 

Many said they appreciate the crews who work hard in the cold to restore power, but their frustrations lie with the Michigan power system. Those grievances will be heard at public town hall meetings planned by the Michigan Public service Commission.


Here are some tips you can follow to keep your sidewalks clear and safe:

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Effective And Easy Tips For Keeping Your Sidewalks Snow-Free

1. Prepare yourself for anything. 

Although some areas may only see snow and ice occasionally, ice melting programs need to be prepared to avoid difficulties. 

Businesses in any region want sidewalks, steps, entryways, and parking lots to stay open and safe during inclement weather and to be swiftly de-iced and snow-free following a storm.

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2. Use ice melt treatments. 

Ice melter materials can be used as anti-icing treatments ahead of time to prevent freezing rain or light snow from sticking to the pavement. 

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It could eliminate the need for mechanical removal of minor accumulations and make heavy snow and ice removal faster and easier. Excessive use of liquid anti-icers might cause slick conditions. But you need to pick your ice melt with caution, as salt-based ice melt can prove to be disastrous for your premises.

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3. Quickly and Reliably Response.

During and after a storm, winter maintenance plans need to be formed to provide clear and safe conditions for the initial car and pedestrian traffic. A sufficient supply of ice melting material should be readily available. You can order your safe ice melt in bulk from the home depot ice melt section or other stores online. 

How to Melt Ice on Sidewalks

Melting the sidewalks in front of your home will enable you to get out even after a snowstorm or ice. It also ensures the safety of yourself, your family, neighbors and those going down the street.

It is important that you take this step to clear the snow off of the sidewalks as soon as it is safe enough for you to go outside. Although you do not want to put yourself in any harm, the sooner that you get the snow off, the better.

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