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Snowfall And Ice Melt Problems This Winter In Ironwood

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The 2020 Winter Outlook released by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) states that West Michigan may see higher amounts of snow this year. This forecast is no surprise since La Niña favors cooler temperatures in the northern parts of the U.S. to the west of the Great Lakes, making it easier for the cold blasts to travel into West Michigan.

The average sliding 31-day liquid-equivalent snowfall during December in Ironwood is essentially constant, remaining about 0.8 inches throughout and rarely exceeding 1.6 inches or falling below 0.2 inches.

While white and beautiful winters bring a lot of excitement and joy, it has its cons too.

Now that you know that a snowy white winter is ahead, how are you prepared for the snow and ice melt problems this winter?

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Let’s list down the problems snow causes so that we are prepared well in advance.

Snow And Ice Melt Problems To Be Ready For This Winter

1- Travelling/ Commutation

The commutation gets impacted by slick roads, damaged transit lines, and endless mounds of snow. Taking your car out for work can be difficult and time-consuming. Using bicycles to get to work/school can be hazardous too.

2- Protecting kids and pets

Kids and pets love playing in the snow. While you may like watching them jumping, frolicking, and building a snowman, our children and four-footed friends need extra care and protection. Snow and wind chills are life-threatening for our pets too. 

Most of the ice melt are poisonous chemicals and harmful to animals. Most of the so-called ‘pet-safe’ companies round off the sharp edges of the salt and claim themselves to be pet-friendly. However, the reality is, they use the same ingredients (with rounder granules) as others that pets may lick from their paws and get sick.   

Very few companies are actually safe. Therefore, it’s imperative that you choose the best ice melt that is safe for your pets.

3- Protecting your house/building

Snow, if left on the roof for long, can freeze the water storage tanks and pipes. When the water in pipes freeze, it creates pressure resulting in the bursting of pipes.

What if you have cracks or gaps in tiles? When the snow melts, the water can creep in these cracks and cause dampness later. It can impact roof tiles such as slate, concrete, and even brickwork.

4- Removing Snow

Removing snow from sidewalks is essential for your mobility and the safety of others. The slimy sidewalks and driveways are a real headache since slips-and-falls not only cause injuries but also attract lawsuits that can be really costly no matter who wins. Moreover, they are not safe for your family and pets too. On a side note, be careful while choosing the ice melt for concrete. Salt-based ice melt can do irreparable damage to your concrete.

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Here’s What You Can Do 

While shoveling and other manual methods of clearing the snow can be strenuous, snow melters can be really helpful as they involve fewer efforts and money (but only if you choose the best ice melt). Most of the ice melt is not only poisonous but can also damage your concrete. Therefore, choose the best ice melt for concrete that is non-corrosive, environment-friendly, and 100% safe for your plants and pets.

Are you making these mistakes while using ice melt? Check them out.

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