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Snow Destroying Your Business? Use These Tricks To Get More Clients

Homemade Ice Melter

Winters can be tough for businesses. While the retail sector receives a boost during the holiday season, some businesses have to suffer as fewer people step out of their homes to shop.

The chilly weather forces people to stay indoors or avoid going out unnecessarily. If your business sees a sudden decline during winters then check these amazing tips.

Ice Melt Safe For Concrete

Ice Melter Safe For Concrete

Safe Paw

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1- Make Sure To Remove Ice

Ice isn’t your friend. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the view from your store is, if it’s surrounded by ice, it will push potential clients away.

Snow around your property can make it difficult to access. Buyers also often like to stay away from snow as it can cause fall and slip injuries. To encourage users to come to you, make sure to use safe ice melt so that there’s no snow surrounding your property.

We encourage you to use ice melt that’s safe for your property as some products can be harmful and cause damage to concrete. In fact, some ice melts are bad for humans, plants, and pets as well.

Do not make the mistake of using salt or ice melt that contains salt as they can cause damage to asphalt, concrete, and living beings. Look for a product like Safe Paw that works like a charm.

Don’t worry about using the product. All you have to do is put it on the ground before it snows and the product will do its job. You will not have to do this every day as our product lasts for up to 72 hours and is among the most affordable ice melt on the market.

Note: You can even place a shade outside your business to protect visitors against snow.

2- Go Online

Everyone’s doing business online these days. The pandemic has forced businesses to go virtual and sell online.

This is more of a necessity and it will help you not only during winters but all year round. There are said to be more than 230.5 million online buyers in the US and the number is on the rise.

Not having an online store can cause you to lose these clients. So, get a website or start a social media store to ensure you continue to make money during the snow season.

3- Offer Free Deliveries

Businesses that offer delivery tend to make more sales. This holds true for almost all kinds of businesses including retails, restaurants, and marts. 

You can even offer free delivery and put a threshold, i.e.: spend $100 to avail free delivery. This trick can help you make more money as it encourages buyers to spend more.

By offering free deliveries, you will be able to reach people who do not want to step out to make a purchase. Guaranteed, it will add to your expenses but it might be worth a try.

Calculate your return on investment and gauge if it can be a profitable venture.

4- Know How To Advertise

Let people know you’re open during the winter season. You might have to change your office hours according to the season.

Buyers should know that you use ice melt to keep your premises safe and that they can even buy online.

Place a board outside your store or advertise online. 

We hope these tips will help you make more money. The key lies in being proactive and doing all you can to sell more.

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