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Salting Your Business Premises? Check This Out!

Ice Melt That Won't Damage Concrete

Wait! If you have been waiting to invest in an ice melt that won’t damage concrete, you need to look harder. The easiest way to spoil your surroundings is by choosing the wrong ice melt that is unsafe for the environment or the people around. Salting your business premises seems the quickest way to remove all the snow, melt the ice, and clear your surface. However, salt does more harm than good in the long run.

Let us check out a few quick points to see what happens when you salt your premises with sodium chloride.


The excessive salt content in water or soil creates an imbalance in the natural growth process of plants or your garden bed. The excess moisture and salt in the soil also rot the roots, thus destroying your plant’s post-winter. Salt leaves a whitish residue on the leaves that blocks the sunlight too.


We all know the long-term effects of salt on concrete. Sodium chloride or rock salt is far coarser than regular table salt. In addition, salt is a mild acid that lowers the pH levels in the concrete. The acidic reaction weakens the structure from within, thus impacting the strength of the concrete surface. Whether driveways or roads, the constant freeze/thaw cycle interferes with concrete construction, creates cracks, and increases the pore size. Thus, salting for business premises is not a viable solution but rather an expensive one.


If you are looking for a dog-safe ice melt, salt is the opposite of it. Dogs have sensitive paws, and salt is the number one reason they cut themselves or get hurt every winter. In addition, sodium chloride is slightly acidic, which burns their feet, causing them tremendous pain. Hence, vets usually advise against the use of salt on any premises with pets around.

Is Safe Thaw a dog-safe ice melt?

Safe Thaw is designed and formulated to keep the pets, kids, and environment in mind. It comprises a patented dual compound of modified carbonyl diamide crystal, non-ionic surfactants, unique accelerators, etc., that is 100% safe for the environment and pets. In addition, its industrial strength is suitable for harsh weather conditions; it melts ice at sub-zero temperatures and is guaranteed safe on eyes and skin.

The natural ingredients do not hurt the dogs’ paws and make it safe to walk and play with hassle-free. Interestingly, even if the dogs ingest it a little, they do not harm them in any way and do not cause any indigestion.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Salt Free Ice Melt you can trust



Salting your business premises is never a wise decision because of the impeding side-effects you’d see over time. However, from expensive repair work to substantial damage, you can save yourself the pain of all adverse effects of salt and ice melt thanks to Safe Thaw. An ice melt that won’t damage concrete, does not flake or pit the surfaces, does not bleach or fade colored surfaces, melts at sub-zero temperatures, and so much more.

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