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My Pet Safe Ice Melt Solutions During Heavy Snowfall This Winter in Denver

Safe Paw Safe Ice Melt For Pets

As of Nov 6, the snowpack across the state was 43% below the median. However, it is about to change. Currently, we are in the La Nina phase, and it is expected to last through winter and into spring 2021. 

How is it going to impact winters in Denver?

Well, although all La Nina years are different still we can deduce some general points. Over the years, it has been found that Colorado ends up receiving a drier than normal winter. The past trend also shows that a below-average snowfall season can be expected. But don’t lose hope. According to Farmer’s Almanac, Colorado will get more than enough snow this winter.

Sooner or later, less or more, we are going to receive the snowfall.

Pet Safe Ice Melt

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Pet Safe Ice Melt Solutions During Heavy Snowfall This Winter In Denver

While everyone is worried about how much and when it will snow, people with children and pets at home have one more issue to worry about. They are busy hunting for pet-safe ice melt solutions. The concern is real because the icy pavement and driveways can be dangerous for pets, and so can be some ice melt.

Some of the best products you’ve heard are not safe to use. Most of them use some or the other form of rock salt in the form of magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, or potassium chloride. These chloride-based products are not safe to use and cause problems like skin irritation, eyes, nose and lung burning, and nausea if ingested.

Some companies round off the sharp edges of the salt and call their ice melt pet friendly. 

Sand used by municipalities is hard on pet’s paws. Also, it’s a messy solution.

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Here’s What I Generally Used To Do –

– I used to clean the snow on the staircase and pavement frequently.

– Sometimes, I used cat litter on the sidewalk for traction, but it didn’t help with the melting of the ice much.

I needed a solution that was effective and also safe for pets.

So, I tried an ice melt solution available at my nearby Chewy store. It’s a 100% pet-safe ice melt solution that will not burn their paws or poison the pet if ingested. It does not have salt in its blend. It uses a proprietary blend of ingredients that break down the structure of the ice to melt it. Therefore, I found it to be the safest option for my pet, property, and the environment as well.

Even though you may be using a pet-safe ice melt solution, your neighbors and municipality may not be. Therefore, here’s what you must do –

1- Wash and dry their paws after every walk. Use lukewarm water and dry them using a towel.

2- Use Dog boots. It may take some time to get your dog used to the booties, but it’s totally worth a try.

3- Always check the label for the ingredients. Do not buy a product that has salt or chloride in any form (Magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, calcium chloride, calcium carbonate).

4- Dogs should be prevented from eating ice melt when taken out for a walk.

5- Store ice melt safely so that your pet can’t get into it.

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