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Minnesotans Welcome Spring: Tips For Effective Snow Removal In Your Yard

Salt-free Deicer For Snow Removal

ROSEVILLE, Minn. — The snow won’t even be close to melting, but one celebration returned Monday to help make the first day of spring a little sweeter.

Dairy Queen locations across the country including Minnesota marked the first day of the season by giving away free small vanilla cones as part of its annual “free cone day” celebration.


To help you get through the winter months with ease, we have put together a list of essential tips for effective snow removal in your yard.

Start With The Right Equipment:

Investing in the right equipment such as a snow blower, shovel, and salt or ice melt can make snow removal much easier and more effective.

Clear Snow Regularly:

Snow accumulation can be a hazard, so it’s important to remove it regularly to prevent accidents.

Shovel Smart:

When shoveling, be sure to push snow to the side, rather than lifting it, to avoid back strain.

Apply Ice Melt Strategically:

Applying ice melt before a snowstorm can make snow removal easier, and using it sparingly and strategically can help prevent damage to your yard.

Protect Your Landscaping:

When clearing snow, be careful not to damage your landscaping, and avoid using equipment that could cause harm.

Choose Safe Ice Melt Products to Protect Your Yard

Winter can be tough on your yard and environment, but you can protect them with the right ice-melt product. Safe Paw, a popular eco-friendly ice melt option, is widely available and safe for pets and plants. Unlike traditional ice melts, this natural urea-based formula won’t harm your greenery. Instead, it promotes their growth during harsh winter months. Choose Safe Paw for a trusted and effective solution that has no known adverse effects. Learn more about how to keep your yard and environment safe with Safe Paw ice melt products.


Don’t delay snow removal, as leaving it to freeze on the ground can make it harder to remove. With these essential tips for effective snow removal in your yard, you can keep your family safe and your landscaping looking its best all winter long. Remember to invest in the right equipment, clear snow regularly, shovel smart, apply ice melt strategically, and protect your landscaping. With a little preparation and effort, you can make winter a little easier to handle.