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Ice Melt Price Comparison

Bulk no salt ice melt

Dealing with snow and ice is unavoidable as winter approaches. Using an ice melt to control slippery situations on driveways and sidewalks can help maintain a regular footfall for your business. Don’t put off buying ice melt until the snow starts to fall and the temperature dips below freezing. Here is your guide to get the best ice melt for your premises.

Ice MeltPrice per 50 lbConcrete damageProsCons
Calcium Chloride$10 to $19ModerateFast actingCan cause corrosion to machines and damage to environment
Calcium Magnesium AcetateStarts from $20ModerateEnvironment FriendlyCannot be used in driveways and parking area as it will damage the concrete
Magnesium Chloride$10-$19HighSafe for petsIt can be used for households with pets, but is not a suitable choice for businesses.
Potassium ChlorideStarts from $20ModerateSafe for petsThe corrosive chloride can cause rusting of machinery and vehicles. It is also toxic to concrete.
Rock salt$10Moderate to highInexpensiveHighly corrosive and can damage concrete, asphalt, bricks, metals, machinery, vehicles, and railings.
Urea$10MinimalSafe option for pet owners and ideal for gardensIt is not a deicer hence does not help in snow removal. If you opt for it, do make sure that you have enough time to shovel snow from your entrances after every snowfall.
Crystalline amide core with glycol Starts from $50NegligibleSafest option for industries, business, and commercial sitesThe safest option for industries, business, and commercial sitesIt is non-corrosive and non-conductive. It poses no threat to your concrete, asphalt, parking, vehicles, and machinery. Fast action and long residue effect make it an ideal choice. Equally safe for the environment and pets around you.

How To Choose The Best Ice Melt?

The chloride present in ice melt raises the conductivity of water, hastening corrosion, and can also cause short-circuiting in your premises. This salt is so powerful that it can tear apart concrete that hasn’t been cured or sealed, as well as structural rods and steel. Furthermore, when it comes to building interiors, chlorides can make your floors look dingy or dusty, necessitating a full-fledged refit.

You’ll notice foliage loss because salt dehydrates plants; it also inhibits roots and destroys stems, blooms, leaves, and seeds. Damage to infrastructures, such as bridges, roads, parking lots, walkways, entrances, and flooring, can also be seen. 

On the other hand, chloride-free ice melt is free from toxins and will not cause any damage to concrete, parking areas, floorings, and surroundings. The amide core-glycol combination removes snow, provides traction, and is non-corrosive and non-conductive. If you plan to buy no salt ice melt in bulk, amide core-glycol is the most suitable option. It has a long shelf life and can be stored easily in airtight containers. It is not as cheap as destructive rock salt but will go a long way in safeguarding your premises and metal.


While there are many factors to consider when selecting an ice melt, it all comes down to obtaining a high-quality product that works as effectively as possible. Simply said, it ought to execute the job properly while not breaking the bank. Before winter snow strikes your premises, ensure the safety of your assets, employees, and guests by getting the best ice melt.

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