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I Used Ice Melt Around My Office But…

Ice Melt On Concrete

There is not a season that goes by thinking of the angst I go through every winter. Choosing the right ice melt chloride-free and sometimes settling for a less environment-friendly one makes a wish for a safer option. 

Come fall, I knew I would have to prepare for the dreadful winter with the proper snow removal equipment and ice melt. At the same time, I was always reading about chloride-free ice melt explanations but never found anything comprehensive. I experimented with rock salt as a safe option; however, I was never happy with the residual effect. 

As a small business owner, I have a regular footfall of customers coming in and out of my office. So naturally, the first thing they notice during winter is ice and snow, and they don’t want to slip or fall, and we must ensure that it does not happen. While I tried keeping it ice-free and used a couple of ice melt chloride-free products, it was always a battle to face the unexpected. 

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