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How To Prepare Your Commercial Property For The Winter Storm?

commercial ice melt

Commercial property management is a challenging task every winter, and we know how trying it can get. From prepping your premises to arranging the right equipment and products, we cannot ignore the intensity of the winter months. Several commercial properties invest in chloride-free ice melt to battle the frigid weather conditions and avoid catastrophes.

If you are a commercial property manager or own one, let us help you with quick tips to battle the winter storm. 

  • Check Roofs 

Before the onset of winter, you may require to give your roof a quick look to check for any repairs. More often than not, we ignore the roofs of our offices, buildings, or even industrial units and later spend a considerable amount repairing them. Check for broken tiles, shingles, or leaking pipes that may lead to more extensive damage in severe winter. After fixing them, you can use industrial ice melt to spread on the roof so that snow does not stick to the surface. 

  • Check HVAC Systems 

While you are on the roof, check your HVAC system for any repairs or maintenance. It pulls in an extra weight during winters, and thus it is critical to inspect it before the winter begins. Check for leaky pipes, worn-out filters, broken or damaged parts, and cover all the external parts of the HVAC system with insulators to prevent any damage. 

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  • Protective Coating 

You can apply an acrylic protective coating on your commercial property to help your concrete surface last long. The protective layer does not allow the ice to stick and makes the water flow away from the surface. You can also apply an eco-friendly industrial ice melt, such as Safe Thaw that has modified carbonyl diamide crystals, to avoid refreezing water and build traction on the surface. 

  • Fix All Drainage Issues 

Whether it is storm drains or the gutters on the roof, clear all the drains from debris to make it smooth for melted ice to flow. More often than not, clogged drains on the roof cause ice dams that in turn lead to seepage in the ceiling or roofs. Fix all drains and clear their entrances before the start of winter. 


100% eco-friendly industrial ice melt. It is vital to prepare your commercial property for winter every year to avoid any long-term repercussions. One of the best ice melt for concrete today is Safe Thaw that comprises modified carbonyl diamide crystals, a 100% natural ingredient that does not damage the environment or concrete. As soon as the crystals touch the icy surface, they leach out a deicing liquid that destabilizes ice and does not allow it to refreeze. Therefore, it is not affected by the freeze/thaw cycle, unlike other ice melt products. 
If you are looking for a chloride-free ice melt that caters to all your commercial property management requirements during winter, Safe Thaw is the one for you. So prepare your office, parking lot, retail outlets, or even buildings with the proper ice melt today! 

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