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Environmentally Safe Ice Melt For Businesses

Environmentally & Pet Safe Industrial Ice Melt

Cold conditions take their toll on the environment during winter. From your premises to plants to pets, you have to protect them all from wind chills and chemical-based ice melt. Along with your business, customers, and employees, you have responsibilities towards your surroundings and environment also. Let’s learn which ice melt you should use this winter to protect your plants from the winter woes.

Let’s first understand why businesses should consider using environmentally safe ice melt-

1- Impact on water bodies-

The residue of ice melts, and rock salt from the cities flows straight into the lakes and water bodies. This residue is hard to remove from the water.

A recent study suggests that salt concentrations in many U.S. lakes would fall outside the bounds necessary for healthy aquatic plants, animals, and microorganisms by 2050. 

2- Impact on pets-

The chloride in ice melt and rock salt is not only harmful to aquatic life but can hurt your pet’s paws as well. Rock salt/ sodium chloride is essentially the same as table salt, but it’s poisonous because it contains impurities and is not prepared with the same safety levels as table salt. 

Rock salt can also cause irritation, rashes, and burns to the eyes, skin, or paws of your pets. With Safe Paw, you can keep your friends, family, and pets safe! 

3- Impact on plants-

If you have a beautiful landscape on your premises, then you need to be careful about the ice melt you’re using.

Salt or chemical-based ice melt when dissolved in water, displaces other minerals in the soil. Therefore, plants absorb chloride in place of other minerals. It also damages the metabolic processes of the leaves. The damage appears gradually on the plants as dead needles, usually on the side of the driveways and walkways. Neither the rock salt nor chemical ice melt is plant-friendly. Some of the common brands with similar blends are Industrial blue ice melt and Industrial strength ice melt.

Environmentally safe solution-

A salt-free, chloride-free, acetate-free ice melt is safe for your people, premises as well as the environment. Unlike Industrial blue ice melt and Industrial strength ice melt, these are usually composed of natural ingredients and are free from the side effects of rock salt and chloride-based ice melt. SafeThaw is an amide core-glycol combination that removes snow, provides traction, and is non-corrosive and non-conductive. 

It is a pet-safe ice melt bulk product helpful for large commercial premises, industrial set-ups, and residential areas. It is environment-friendly and does not damage concrete over time either. Even if it percolates down, any intake of non-toxic ice melt will not be harmful. It is safe to use around your garden or plants in the facility.

Always use an environmentally friendly ice melt. With this article, we hope you know to protect your premises while taking care of the environment.

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