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Chicago Spring Lawn Care Checklist: Tips For Using Grass-Safe Ice Melt

Ice Melt Safe For Concrete And Grass

Spring is a great time to get outside and start taking care of your lawn. However, in Chicago, unpredictable weather can create challenges for homeowners who want to maintain their lawns. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with ice that can form on lawns during the spring season. Ice can be dangerous, not just for people walking on the lawn but also for the health of the grass. Choosing a grass-safe ice melt is the solution that most homeowners turn to in order to keep their lawns safe during the spring season.

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Important Tips To Remember Before Using An Ice Melt Product For Your Lawn

Choose The Right Ice Melt:

Not all ice melt products are the same. Some are harsher than others and can cause damage to your lawn, especially if they are not used properly. Look for a product that is labeled safe for use on lawns and follow the instructions carefully.

Apply ice melt before the ice forms: The best way to use ice melt is to apply it before the ice forms. This will help prevent the ice from forming in the first place and make it easier to remove any ice that does form.

Don’t Overapply Ice Melt:

Applying too much ice melt can damage your lawn. Follow the instructions on the package carefully and only apply the recommended amount.

Use A spreader:

Using a spreader will help ensure that the ice melt is applied evenly and that you don’t miss any spots.

Sweep Up Any Excess Ice Melt:

Once the ice melt has done its job, be sure to sweep up any excess. Leaving excess ice melt on your lawn can damage the grass and create an unhealthy environment for it to grow.

What Is A Safe Ice Melt? 

Ice melt comprises a blend of salts and chlorides in different quantities. Therefore, an ice melt that does not contain too much salt and has a balanced chloride content is considered a better alternative. And if you have a product such as a Safe Paw deicer that is 100% natural, nothing like it. 

What are the four things you can consider while choosing an ice-melt grass safe? 


One of the most significant contributing factors to an ice melt is the composition of salts and chlorides. Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are considered safe to use compared to only rock salt or sodium chloride. However, you have to be judicious in the way you apply it as overuse will damage your vegetation and your concrete. 

Impact On grass 

Ice melt is not safe for plant life in general. However, if you use it regularly, you can ensure you use fertilizer for ice melt that will not let snow stick to the soil. Then, before the first snow settles in, fertilize the soil to give your lawn essential nutrients to feed the plant roots through winter. Safe paw deicer gives you just this and much more. 

Turf Damage 

While concentrating on our grass or landscape, we forget that the ice melt will have an equal impact on your turf as well. Leaving the ice melt for too long, ignoring to clear it after the ice melts, or overuse of products will damage turf. So even while we choose a grass-safe ice melt that is grass safe, we have to ensure that your turf and concrete remain safe. 

Prompt Removal 

If you are using a deicer regularly, it is advisable to be quick on your feet to remove the ice melt that is accidentally or consciously applied over the lawn or grass. The quicker you remove it, the better it is for the grass as the composition does not seep inside. 


In conclusion, using ice melt safely is essential to maintain a healthy lawn during the spring season. By taking these precautions, you can keep your lawn safe for your family and pets while also ensuring that your grass stays healthy and vibrant. With a little bit of effort and the right approach, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn all year round.