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Celebrate A Pet Safe New Year This Winter

Safe Ice Melter For Pets

The new year is here, accompanied by a bundle of exciting activities for all of us. It’s a new beginning with excitement, parties, and fireworks. But for our four-legged friends, it is nothing less than a nightmare. Before you start popping your champagne and bursting crackers, take some time to think about the safety and well-being of your furry family member. Loud noises, large gatherings, unfamiliar surroundings, and change in the day to day routine can cause stress and anxiety in your pets.

Pet Safe Ice Melt

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Here are a few suggestions for you to celebrate a pet-safe new year this winter:

1. Avoid Hazardous Substances

The edibles containing alcohol and alcoholic drinks should be kept away from pets as they can cause vomiting, diarrhea, decreased coordination, and other health issues. Products like coffee, chocolate, and caffeine contain methylxanthines. And if taken by pets, it results in vomiting, hyperactivity, and excessive urination. Not all ice melter is pet safe, hence don’t allow your pets to play in the snow that is treated with ice melt. As a pet owner, you should opt for an ice melt that is pet-safe and free from toxins.

2. Keeping Pet Safe Indoors

Keep your pets indoors during the time of fireworks. Before the celebration and party kick-off, arrange a safe and cozy corner for your pet. Put a comfortable bed with their favorite toy and treat ready for them. Try to muffle the sound of firecrackers by closing the doors and curtains as the dog’s ears are more sensitive than ours. 

3. Protect From The Snow 

Apart from the fireworks, snow can also harm your pet. The accumulation of ice and harmful ice melt chemicals in between toes can irritate your pets. 

While taking them out, ensure that they are away from snow treated with salt and other chemical-based ice melt. If you are sure that, like you, your neighbors are also using ice melt that is pet safe, let them have a ball game in the vicinity.

Talking about ice melt that is pet safe, it is important to note that most ice melt that claims to be pet-friendly are composed of chemicals only. There are only a few that are composed of natural ingredients like urea and glycol and are non-toxic and pet-friendly.

4. Clean Up Well To Keep Your Pet Safe

Party is over but not your work. Before you allow your pet to have a free run on-premises, remove all the leftover food items and beverages. Ensure that there is no firework debris or ice melt residue because it can cause serious injury to your pet if eaten. However, if you’re using a product like SafePaw, you can relax because it’s 100% safe to use around pets.

As you are getting ready for festivities, as a proud pet-parent include your four-legged members in your fun. Buy them fuzzy outfits, cozy beds, holiday collars, toys, and treats, but remember to keep them away from all noxiousness. Keep your furry friend safe and enjoy paw-lidays.

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