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Ice Melt Safe for Driveways

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Driveway installers argue about whether concrete or asphalt is the better material, and there is plenty of debate. But one thing they certainly agree on is that rock salt should never be used on either concrete or asphalt. Rock salt is produced in common blends as sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. These formulas […]

Safe Step Ice Melt vs Safe Paw Ice Melt – The Best Ice Melting Product

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There are different companies that manufacture some of the best ice melt products. Talking about two such that are ruling the market is Safe Step ice melt and Safe Paw ice melt. The common feature of this product is both are designed with better technology, good ingredients and are value for money. However, if you […]

Rock Salt vs SafePaw Ice Melt

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According to the recent national survey carried in American households shows that 60% use rock salt or salt based ice melt products rather than safe ice melt products in the cold winter season, furthermore its alarming that 62 % are not aware of the health dangers brought about by the use of these products. The […]

How Safe Paw Ice Melt Works

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How Safe Paw Works • Safe Paw is made of a modified crystalline amide center, interspersed with glycol admixture and also contains traction agents. • The liquid component begins melting ice immediately while breaking surface tension. • The crystal-core effectively penetrates and destabilizes ice, thus speeding up the melting process. • Safe Paw leaves an invisible layer of protection […]

How To Enter The Safe Paw Photo and Video Contest

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Ever wanted the chance to show your pet off to the world and win some brilliant prizes at the same time? Well now is your chance by entering the Safe Paw photo and video contest. Safe Paw is running a competition to find some of the cutest pets around and will show them off to […]

The 5 Types of Dangerous Ice Melting Salts

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With the onset of each winter, municipalities across the United States and Canada send out a fleet of snowplows to clear roads and apply salt to roadways. Keeping roadways open and clear is not only vital to economic operations, but can also mean the difference between keeping the public safe and exposing them to life […]

Ice Melt Coupons Snow Melter Coupons

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There are no coupons currently available for SafePaw ice melt / snow melter products. Click here to continue shopping, learn more about our products, and see reviews.

Party Time At The SafePaw Snow Melter Office

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Yet another summer has passed at SafePaw and that means one thing for us, party time! We love our employees and we like to show them how much we appreciate them by throwing them an annual party filled with various fun activities such as dancing, arts and crafts, games and a lot of food. At […]

Why Is SafePaw A Better Way To Melt Ice & Snow : Radio Interview With Home Talk USA Michael King

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Announcer: On this hour of “Home Talk,” the man from the Bayou land and the host of the show, the Cajun Contractor, Michael King. Michael: Yahoo! That’s right, “Home Talk USA” now is the number 1 most listened to and downloaded home improvement radio program. You want to join us here at 1-800-259-5791, AskMichaelKing.com. If […]