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Best Tips For Maintaining A Gorgeous Winter Garden

concrete-friendly ice melt

Winter season for gardeners means the time to put away your hoses and tools until next spring’s growing season begins. However, there are still a lot of things you should do during this period for the betterment of your garden and plants. As we know, plants cannot withstand the cold and harsh weather as well as the harmful chemicals of ice melt. Maintaining your gorgeous garden during the winter season also includes using a safe ice melt that doesn’t harm the greenery. Many people use fertilizer ice melt assuming it to be a safe bet. But not all fertilizer ice melt products are effective for snow removal. With these simple tips, you can get your garden winter-ready.

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Winter Survival

When annual plants die, they can be plucked out and placed in the compost pile. Perennials and bulb plants, on the other hand, may require additional protection to survive the winter. 

While watering the plants, the amount matters. Reduce the amount of water you give to perennials after the first frost. It will help harden them up and better prepare them for the winter. Bulb plants that bloom in the early spring can typically be left in the ground all winter. 

First Snow Fall

Snowfall for longer durations can be damaging for your garden’s plants, trees, and shrubs. Apart from the accumulated snow, the toxic and harsh chemicals of the ice melt damage the greenery. If you’re using a salt-based ice melt, it will destroy your plants and will damage your concrete. Hence, choose a safe and concrete-friendly ice melt. Safe Paw is the chloride-free ice melt and is the most plant-friendly ice melt available in the market. Its ingredients will not only keep your concrete safe but will provide additional safety for your yard.

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Mulch And Dead Leaves To Protect Plants

Spreading a layer of mulch or dead leaves before the first freeze is also a good idea. Mulch on top of your beds protects any plants remaining in the ground from freezing weather. Furthermore, the mulch will keep rain, snow, and ice from washing away your topsoil or removing its nutrients. 

Flower Beds And Compost Garden 

Composting in the fall helps to deliver extra nutrients to your plants the following spring. Composting in the fall gives nutrients more time to break down and penetrate deeper into the soil, resulting in improved growing conditions for the next season. In general, a thin layer of compost needs to be put over the top layer of the soil.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Pet Safe Ice Melt you can trust


October or November are the months when most of us mow our lawns. We often let our gardens fend for themselves over the long winter months. 
By using a plant-safe and concrete-friendly ice melt, you can give new life to plants and can also protect the infrastructure. Hence, this winter, try a green ice melt for your greenery.

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