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5 Ways To Melt Ice This Winter In Regina

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The weather forecast for Regina says that precipitation and snowfall will be above average. The snowiest periods would be late December and mid-February and from late February into early March. April and May will be warmer and drier than usual.

Regina has a humid continental climate. Winters are very cold, windy, and dry. In January, temperatures are between -21.6°C and -10.7°C, but sometimes they drop below -40°C.

In cold and cozy winter, shoveling is the last thing you would want to do. Isn’t it? While salt may look like an easy option, it’s not safe to use. If you’re a savvy homeowner, you already know its effects on concrete, roof, and pavements. Moreover, it becomes ineffective when the temperature below -10 degrees centigrade.

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Here Are 5 Ways To Melt Ice This Winter In Regina

1. Hot Water –

Hot water can be used to melt ice where it is not heavy, and the temperature is also not too low. Otherwise, the hot water can turn into dangerous and slippery ice that can cause slip and fall accidents.

2. Use Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt –

If you’re someone who makes queries on Google like ‘ice melt near me’ or ‘good ice melt for concrete’, then your search ends here. Always use salt-free ice melt composed of natural ingredients is the best way to clear the snow without damaging your concrete, rooftop, and plants. They are 100% safe to use around kids and pets too.

Common ice melting salts burn the paws of our four-legged friends. They may also corrode the driveways and pathways. Fortunately, there are safe, non-toxic, and chemical-free ice melt solutions available in the market to make your winters safe and unpolluted.

3. Pretreatment –

Another great way to deal with this situation is to use a small quantity of ice-melt before the snow hits the floor. It can prevent the snow from sticking on the surfaces.

It is an effective preemptive treatment before or during light precipitation.

While it snows, keep clearing the fresh fluffy snow to prevent it from piling up and turn icy later. It’s easy to shovel away soft and fluffy snow.

Another thing that you must do after applying the snowmelt is clean the residue. Doing so would prevent the ice melt from further reacting with the concrete.

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4. Heating The Driveways –

Apart from using an ice melt for concrete, you can use a snow melting mat. Simply place a large size mat on your driveway, plug it in, and it will start melting the snow. The heating element in the mat is placed between two layers of durable non-slip rubber.

Snow melting mats reduce your snow-removal efforts significantly. However, they are expensive and heavy on your electricity bill too. Moreover, the mats are subject to regular wear and tear and so does not last long.

5. Tracking Agent –

Using a good traction agent can also help you access the slippery driveways without the fear of slip and falls. Such traction agents do not melt the ice but only works by adding friction. The absorbing agent in the traction agents soaks up the surface water, and the crystalline spikes grip the ice to provide a safe, effective surface for car tires, shoes, and paws.

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