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5 Expert Tips For Surviving Blizzards And Melting Ice Safely

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Winter storms and blizzards can be dangerous, but with the right preparation and knowledge, you can safely navigate through them. Here are some expert tips to help you survive blizzards and melting ice safely.

SACRAMENTO —  A powerful weather system from the Gulf of Alaska pushed into Northern California on Tuesday, bringing more wind, rain, and snow to a state battered by months of storms.

Forecasters warned of heavy snow in coastal mountains and the Sierra Nevada, where accumulations up to 4 feet (1.2 meters) were possible, highway chain requirements took effect and a backcountry avalanche warning was issued for the greater Lake Tahoe area.

The National Weather Service said the storm was expected to pull a plume of Pacific moisture into California as it tracked south, but the rainfall was not expected to be as intense as the atmospheric rivers that impacted the state in recent weeks.


Tip #1: Stay Informed And Plan Ahead

The first step to staying safe during a winter storm is to stay informed about the weather conditions. You can do this by monitoring local news and weather updates. It’s also essential to plan ahead for any potential emergencies.

Stock up on supplies such as food, water, and medicine, and ensure that you have enough fuel for your heating system or generator.

Tip #2: Take Care Of Your Roof

People often overlook their home’s roof, but it actually plays a critical role in protecting your property during winter weather. Proper maintenance is essential. If your roof lacks an effective system to repel rain and snow, it can allow them to penetrate your home, resulting in extensive damage to walls and ceilings.

You should make sure your roof is in good condition and can withstand harsh winter conditions. This will prevent costly repairs and headaches down the road.

Tip #3: Resolve Any Possible Threats

To ensure the safety and security of your home, it’s crucial to identify and resolve any potential threats that could lead to damage. This means carefully monitoring the structural integrity of your house and seeking out any weak spots that could be vulnerable during severe weather conditions.

Even if your home appears to be in good condition now, it’s important to consider the potential impact of high winds, heavy snow, ice, or sleet. These harsh weather conditions can cause significant damage to your home if it has any vulnerabilities.

Therefore, it’s essential to be proactive in identifying and addressing any potential flaws before they become a problem.

Tip #4: Check Gutters For Leaks And Blockages

It is crucial to check your gutters for leaks and blockages before the winter season arrives. Leaks or blockages can cause significant damage during cold temperatures and heavy snowfall.

To prevent this, inspect all gutters thoroughly and take necessary measures to address any issues before the onset of winter. Don’t wait until it’s too late, act now to avoid costly repairs later.

Tip #5: Use Caution When Melting Ice

When it comes to melting ice on your sidewalks or driveways, safety should always be your top priority. Avoiding hot water is essential as it can create a dangerous and slippery surface. Instead, opt for an effective ice-melt product that is designed to melt ice without compromising safety.

Safe Paw ice melt is a reliable and effective product that is safe for pets, plants, and people. Follow the instructions on the packaging, and avoid overuse to prevent damage to vegetation. Make sure to use Safe Paw for an efficient solution for melting ice safely.


In conclusion, staying safe during a winter storm or blizzard requires preparation, caution, and knowledge. By following these expert tips, you can ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones during even the harshest winter weather conditions.