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3 Ways The Wrong Ice Melt Can Destroy Your Property

Natural Snow And Ice Melter

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep your property including entryways, walkways, parking lots, and lawns safe for all kinds of visitors. While shoveling can help remove snow and ice, it might not be enough, which is why some people suggest using safe salt for concrete. However, we must mention that there is no such thing as safe salt for concrete. Instead of salt, you should turn to a reliable ice melt. But, be very careful when selecting a product as not all are made equal and some can cause damage to your property.

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Here’s how:

1- Ice Melt Bad For Walkways And Parking Areas

Pavement and concrete are permeable, i.e.: they absorb liquids. Hence, you have to be careful when using ice melt as it contains salt is bad for concrete, especially new concrete.

Such products can cause cracks to appear. This occurs because some ice melts contain chemicals that increase the temperature to a point that concrete cannot handle. Plus, the presence of salts and other elements can also cause blotches that can be very difficult to deal with.

Moreover, cycles of thawing and freezing over time can also be bad for concrete. 

Some experts suggest sealing surfaces before the snow season to prevent the absorption of moisture. While it can do the trick, it’s better to use a product that contains no salts or harmful chemicals so that you do not have to worry about damaged concrete.

2- Destroys Landscaping And Lawns

As mentioned earlier, some ice melt contains salts that remove moisture from the soil. This results in dehydration and brown patches appearing on your lawn. In some cases, the use of snow melt can even kill the plants in your lawn.

You can add a snow fence or burlap screen around your plants to protect your lawn. If this doesn’t work then be quick to flush ice melt with water to quickly dilute the salt. But, once again, the safest option is to use a product that contains no salts.

Some ice melts even contain urea, which is a fertilizer and can be very good for plants. The key lies in turning to a product that is safe for plants so that your property looks as attractive in winters as it looks in summers.

3- Ice Melt Can Damage Interior Floors

It is possible for ice melt to find its way inside your premises and harm your floors if not taken care of. Ice melt can cause hard floors including tile to get stained or discolored. 

The same goes for wood floors. They can splinter and dry out. Moreover, ice melt can also cause carpets to dry rot and get stained. 

You can reduce the risk by using doormats and scraping mats. However, once again, we suggest that it is best to avoid looking for safe salt for concrete, carpet, or other flooring materials and to use ice melt that poses no damage to your property.

Winters can be unpredictable and difficult to plan. Make sure to use a reliable ice melt and avoid products that can harm your property. Go here to look at what we offer

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