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3 Tips For Maintaining Snow Free Driveways

best ice melt for your driveway

The lovely white covering of snow may appear beautiful, but it can create fatal mishaps. 

In the winter months, business owners are so much concerned about the possible slip and fall accidents around their premises. They are also concerned about the delicate machinery, dangers of short circuits, etc. The best way to tackle this winter anxiety is to find the best ice melt that is absolutely property safe.

In this article, we will discuss three ways to keep your driveways snow-free this winter.

1- Do not use salt or chemical-based ice melt

1- damages concrete

Salt or chloride-based ice melt can wreak significant damage to the otherwise highly durable and super strong concrete driveways. When the salt comes in contact with water, it percolates into the crevices of the concrete, forming a solution called brine. As the temperature increases and decreases, the freeze-thaw cycles of the absorbed water damages the surface resulting in cracks.

2- damages asphalt

Asphalt is a popular material used in making driveways. It is considered to be better than concrete. Black color asphalt is especially popular as it absorbs heat and helps in melting the snow relatively quickly. However, the fact is that both asphalt and concrete get equally affected by the chemicals present in rock salt and ice melt.

3- damages brick driveways

Like concrete and asphalt, salt damages brick driveways as well. Salts leave crystal deposits on bricks. These deposits, if allowed to seep into brick crevices, can cause “efflorescence.” Efflorescence causes discoloration of bricks, due to which they may look old and worn before they are. Salt increases the hygroscopic moisture content of the masonry. So, salt-induced decay can decompose bricks and mortar. 

2- Use Chloride-free ice melt

Go for an ice melt that is chloride-free to prevent corrosion and safeguard your pavement and machinery. 

Safe Thaw ice melt has a modified crystalline amide core that is combined with a unique glycol admixture and traction ingredients. This patented dual-effect compound is non-conductive and non-corrosive. There will be no harm to delicate machinery, and there will be no danger of short circuits. It has a long shelf life making it a suitable option for business.

These crystals provide traction and give a protective shield to your surface, making shoveling an easy task.

Get ready for winter with the ONLY Salt Free Ice Melt you can trust


3- Use Traction Agents

Apart from a chemical-free ice melt that takes time to work, there is another better solution to avoid winter injuries. Traction Magic works in a flash to provide you traction while keeping you and your property safe.

This product is a blend of natural volcanic rock and seven other minerals which are safe for everyone and can be reused.

The absorbers in Traction Magic absorb the liquid on the ice making it less slippery. 


A salt and chemical-free ice melt is the best ice melt for your driveway. It is the best way to clear the snow without damaging your concrete, machinery or causing short circuits. Since they do not have chloride in their blend, they do not harm concrete, asphalt, or bricks. Thus, keeping your driveway safe without having to shovel.

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