Safe Ice Melt

You want to be able to move out of your driveway and walk to your door without slipping and falling in the winter, but what options are environmentally friendly?
This is no small concern. Pets – especially dogs – and children are vulnerable to the dehydrating, toxic effects of salt. Your carefully-tended flower beds and lawns also suffer when exposed to salt.
Traditional rock salt dries out pets’ paws and causes potentially fatal organ damage if ingested. It also deleteriously raises the salinity of nearby water sources when it washes down into storm drains once the ice melts. It’s an environmental nightmare!
What’s more, if salt isn’t applied in the proper conditions or if the weather switches rapidly, then alarming dangers such as black ice can occur.
Gaia International Inc. offers a child and pet safe ice melt that also gives users IMMEDIATE traction for on the ice: Traction Magic.
Developed by the same people who created Safe Paws in 1995 to protect animals from toxic ice salt, Traction Magic can both melt ice and give your shoes the tires something to push off from.
Now, instead of breaking out the messy kitty litter or putting down sand that will just wash away, Traction Magic Traction Agent first absorbs fluid from the top of the ice, then digs into the ice with tiny spikes. Use it to get out of a stubborn slippery spot in the driveway. Keep it in your trunk in case you start kicking up snow and ice somewhere. Sprinkle it on your walkways and driveway so that you can safely walk with your groceries, children, or pets!
Or, hey, make the pets walk. This safe ice melt is non-toxic. Pets can walk on it, even ingest it, and not get sick. Your plants, children, pets, and waterways are safe with Safe Paw. No slipping and sliding for you, either.
Traction Magic also doesn’t pose the corrosive threat to vehicles that traditional salt does; leftover, kicked-up salt literally eats away at vulnerable areas of your vehicle’s undercarriage. This corrosive element leads to rust that can spread and do very serious damage. Of course, your vehicle will encounter salt elsewhere, but hopefully, as the benefits of alternatives such as Traction Magic and SafePaw become well-known, damage to vehicles and roadways from salt will become a thing of the past!
Homeowners and property managers who use Traction Magic praise it for its immediate traction on slippery ice as well as the peace of mind that comes with using something that’s safe for the environment. We’d love for you to try it for yourself.
It’s available online through our website or commercial customers can fill out a form to purchase from us directly, or purchase from one of the distributors listed on our website.
Be safe out there this winter. Protect yourself, your loved ones and furry family members, and the planet we all call home by using safe ice melt from Safe Paw .
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