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How to Keep Your Dog Fit & Healthy
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Your dog is your best friend, and you want them to lead their best life. This includes keeping them healthy and active. Looking out for your dog’s health is your responsibility. Making sure they keep a healthy weight and get enough daily exercise. There are certain things to keep in mind so that your pup can stay healthy and fit. Below, we’ve listed some tips that you can follow to be the best possible dog parent.

Hire a dog walker

Do you work long hours and feel guilty that you can’t take your dog out as much as you want? Don’t stress, just hire a professional dog walker. Thanks to technology you can find someone you can trust to take your pup out for walks during the day while you’re at work. This will ensure they get the exercise they need to stay healthy and fit. You can even ask your dog walker to take your pup to the dog park so they can socialize while burning some calories.

Play to Your Dog’s Breed

Different dog breeds require different types of exercise. For example, Australian Shepherds have a very high energy level, and they need daily, vigorous exercise since they were originally bred as herding dogs. On the other hand, French Bulldogs have moderate energy levels and don’t require a lot of daily exercises. Knowing what your pup was designed to excel at will help you make them happy and satisfied.

Measure out Their Food

The amount of food and type of food that your pup requires depends on their age and breed. Once you know that information, it’s important to always measure how much food you pour into their bowl. This will help prevent them from overeating and maintain a healthy weight. If you’re a fan of high-tech gadgets, you can get an automatic feeder that will make sure they’re fed the same amount every time. Remember to keep in mind the treats that you feed them, and count those calories towards their daily amount. Your dog should be fed at least two meals a day. More frequent, smaller meals can be better digested than one large meal.

Keep up the TLC

The best part about being a dog owner is that you have a furry best friend to live life with by your side. Tender, love, and care is the best thing you can give your pup. When you spend time with your pup, they feel happy and loved. Remember to talk with him, play with him and include him in everything you’re able to. Teach him new tricks so that his mind stays sharp and he’s constantly challenged.

Utilize Beaches, Lakes or Mountains

Getting your dog exercise doesn’t have to mean just taking him for a walk around the block. If you happen to live near any lakes, beaches or mountains, utilize nature and explore with your pup. Swimming is one of the best exercises for your pup, and a day at the beach will tire them out so they sleep soundly at night. If you’re near the mountains, going for a hike with your pup and taking in some fresh air will help you de-stress and bond.

It can be tempting to lounge around on the couch and cuddle with your pup all day, but it’s important that they get exercise to stay healthy. Make sure you remember to keep your dog active, as well as keep them on a good diet. This will ensure they stay happy and excited about their life with you.

Author:  Lucy Tate, Petstyle Writer