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Eco Friendly Ice Melt


The winter season is now fully fledged. This however comes with its own pros and cons. The most obvious pros that should go without say is the endless fun we can have in the snow. We can build a snow man, go sledding, run around in the snow with our fury friends and of course, have a snowball fight! The cons on the other hand, take a totally different angle. They say too much of a good thing is poison. This applies to snow, when their is to much of it, ice dams as well as ice piles come up. A pile up of snow on your roof or your driveway can cause damage to your roof and inconvenience you.


How to have your cake and eat it too


In the event of a heavy snowfall, you would be faced with a dilemma on how to enjoy outdoor fun in the snow and at the same time be free from the distress that heavy snowfall can cause. I am glad to inform you that there is a solution to give you a taste of both worlds. Its an eco friendly ice melt called Safe Paw manufactured by Gaia Inc., this is your best bet at enjoying your winter season to the fullest.


Why Safe Paw?


Unlike traditional ice melt used to clear ice from various surfaces, Safe Paw is not salt based. The downside that comes with salt based ice melt is that they are made up of sodium chloride and calcium chloride. These two chemicals are detrimental not only to the various surfaces in your home, but also to your pets. Safe Paw does not contain any harmful chemicals or dyes. It is therefore safe to use on any surface such as concrete, brick and even on plants!


What gives safe paw an edge over salt based ice melt is that it is safe to pets. The chemical elements that make up most salt based ice melt, that is , sodium and calcium chloride, can cause irritation to the paw of your dog. Moreover, when the dog ingests the chemicals, they will end up vomiting and having diarrhea. In fatal cases, when a dog ingests a substantial amount of these chemicals, they will die.


How does Safe Paw work?


Safe Paw is made up of a crystalline amide core which is fused together with traction agents. In addition to this, a special glycol admixture is added to make it a complete package. It works through two simultaneous steps. First, the glycol admixture breaks the surface tension of the ice by melting it instantly. Second, when the surface tension has been broken, the crystalline amide core is embedded in the ice in order to destabilize it and increase the rate of ice melt.


During the day, the Safe Paw makes use of the sun by drawing solar heat in order to boost its melting capability. To wrap up the whole process, once all the ice is melted away, the Safe Paw releases the traction agents on to the clear surface. The traction agents serve the role of preventing ice from sticking on the surface for up to three days.


Safe Paw is a patented product, this means that it’s the only product in the market with these eco friendly ice melting capabilities. Safe Paw is readily available and is widely distributed. You can find it in major stores such as Costco, Petco, Petvalu, Chewy, Cub and even on amazon! In order to enjoy your winter to the fullest, I suggest you get your fix of eco friendly ice melt from Safe Paw, you won’t regret it.


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