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Pet Safe Ice Melt

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Do you drive, bike, or walk on snow during winter? If you’ve ever engaged in any of these activities, then you must have realized that it is virtually impossible to garner sufficient dexterity to safely move on snow because of the slippery nature of ice. It’s common to slip-and-slide in this season. But how can […]

Ice Melter

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With the Green economy movement, most companies, governments, and organizations are reinventing their products to make them less toxic and bringing sustainable development without degrading earth. Gaia, a company established in 1988, has a real solution. With its first patented product brought to the market in 1992, Gaia promises to solve all your ice melter […]

Incoming Polar Vortex To Last Longer Then Expected

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Remember how things went extreme in terms of cold in the US and Canada towards the end of last year? Well, it’s about to happen. It’s coming. The polar vortex is around the corner. And this time it looks more threatening. It’s back! Roaring with anger. Ready to engulf parts of the United States of […]